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Muhammad Al Munajjid

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Muhammad Al-Munajjid

Modern history


Muhammad Al-Munajjid theislamicfarrightinbritainfileswordpresscom20

June 7, 1960 (age 63) (

Notable idea(s)
Founder of fatwa website

Similar People
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Returning to allah in mid air shaikh muhammad al munajjid al sirat al mustaqeem

Muhammad Saalih Al-Munajjid (محمد صالح المنجد) (born 1960 or 12/30/1380 AH) is an Islamic scholar known for founding the website, which provides answers to questions in line with the Salafi school of thought. Al Jazeera indicates that Al-Munajjid is considered a respected scholar in the Salafi movement. is one of the most popular websites providing the Salafi perspective and is (as of November 2015) according to the world's most popular website on the topic of Islam generally (apart from the website of an Islamic bank).


Muhammad Al-Munajjid The Way of the Salaf Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al Munajjid

SCARY: When will Allah punish them? ┇Gay Marriage - Shaikh Muhammad Al Munajjid

Early life and education

Muhammad Al-Munajjid Muhammad Salih AlMunajjid Books Islamway

Al-Munajjid was born to Palestinian refugees in Aleppo, Syria in 1960, and raised in Saudi Arabia. He graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management. Al-Munajjid studied Islamic law under the scholars 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Baaz, Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen, Abdullah Ibn Jibreen, Saleh Al-Fawzan, and Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak. He is the imam at the Umar ibn Abd al-'Aziz mosque in the city of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and was the first person to launch a website representing Islam in Saudi Arabia.


Muhammad Al-Munajjid Son of Saudi Islamic scholar stabbed to death Riyadh Connect

In 1996, Al-Munajjid launched a question and answer Islamic website, The website states that "All questions and answers on this site have been prepared, approved, revised, edited, amended or annotated by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid, the supervisor of this site." was banned in Saudi Arabia due to the fact that it was issuing independent fatwas. In Saudi Arabia, the kingdom's Council of Senior Scholars has sole responsibility and authority for issuing fatwas. The Council was granted this sole authority to issue fatwas by a royal edict issued in August 2010 (while restrictions had been in place since 2005, they were seldom enforced); this move was described by Christopher Boucek as "the latest example of how the state is working to assert its primacy over the country’s religious establishment."

Muhammad Al-Munajjid Killing Mickey Mouse Sheikh Muhammad AlMunajid responds YouTube

As of May 2015, Al-Munajjid had 820,000 followers on Twitter. In 2015, Alexa listed as the most popular on the topic of Islam.


In an interview which aired on Saudi Al-Majd TV channel on May 15, 2016, Al-Munajjid stated (as translated by MEMRI) that

In the same interview, Al-Munajjid quoted Arab Islamic jurist Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya as stating "The Jews are the nation that incurred the wrath of Allah. They are a people of lies, fabrications, treachery, and conspiracies. They are the slayers of prophets, the profiteers from that which is forbidden. They are the filthiest of nations with the basest of character."

In another interview, Munajjid stated that he does not hate the Jews for personal reasons; rather he hates them because they have cursed Allah, accusing them of being polytheists because they say that their rabbis are masters of God. The only way the hatred will end is if the Jews convert to Islam; in the alternative, if the Jews paid the Jizya then the Muslims would be forbidden from harming them as they would then live under the contractual protection of Muslims.

Blasphemy against Mohammed

Al-Munajjid indicates that the Islamic concept of Gheerah requires that Muslims protect the Prophet Mohammed from blasphemy for which the determination of guilt and application of the penalty (execution) is to be solely applied by Islamic authorities unless there is no one who can carry out the hadd punishment then "the Muslim has to do whatever he can, so long as that will not lead to further mischief and harm against other people."


Al-Munajjid believes that “The crime of homosexuality is one of the greatest crimes, the worst of sins and the most abhorrent of deeds, and Allah punished those who did it in a way that he did not punish other nations.” Homosexuals should be executed although the method has been disputed including burning, having a wall dropped on them, being detained until death in the "foulest place", being stoned, or being thrown from the highest building. Those who are forced into the act or were minors are exempt from punishment.

Honor killings

Al-Munajjid asserts that honor killings are a "transgression and wrongdoing because it is killing one who does not deserve to be killed, namely the virgin if she commits zina (fornication); the sharia punishment in her case is flogging and banishment for one year, not execution." However, if a Muslim man suspects that certain family members will commit an immoral act, he is allowed to tie up or otherwise restrain them in order to prevent the action.


Al-Munajjid states that Muslim woman are required to cover their entire body including the face (only showing eyes) and hands. This ruling is obligatory and does not vary depending where you are. Women are required to stay in their houses unless they are in the company of a mahram and are forbidden to drive cars as "it leads to evil consequences" such as being "alone with a non-mahram man, unveiling, reckless mixing with men, and committing haraam actions because of which these things were forbidden." Women are not fit for public office or judgeships because they are more emotional; however, they can serve in administrative posts where they will work solely with other women.

Statues and images

Al-Munajjid asserts that it is obligatory to destroy statues and idols that may tempt or confuse the people, whether they are buildings, people, animals or inanimate objects Images of animate beings are equally forbidden including photographs unless necessary for identification, education, or for pursuing criminals.

Islamic theology

Al-Munajjid believes that the Mu`tazila, the Ash'ari, and Maturidi schools of Islamic theology are wrong in applying Ilm al-Kalam (reason or rational discourse) to explain the Quran and are contradicting both the Quran and the Sunnah. Attributes that Allah ascribes to Himself require neither explanation or interpretation instead a Muslim should neither deny the divine attributes nor liken Allah to His creation but accept the statements of Allah in the Quran without questioning.


In a January 2016 fatwa, Al-Munajjid stated that a man is allowed to have intercourse with a slave that he owns whether he is married or not; and that his wife or wives has no right to object. A Muslim wife "has no right to object to her husband owning female slaves or to his having intercourse with them [...] The scholars are unanimous in this assessment, and no one is permitted to view this act as forbidden, or to forbid it. Whoever does so, is a sinner, and is acting against the consensus of the scholars."

Al-Munajjid states that slavery necessarily came about because of Jihad against the kuffar (non-believers) and the need to determine what to do with those who have been taken prisoner and thus become property; noting that "In principle, slavery is not something that is desirable" as Islam encourages the freeing of slaves for the expiation of sins. Slaves are to be treated in a "just and kind manner" including: the provision of food and clothing the like of which is given to family members; preserving their dignity; and allowing them to lead their masters in both religious and worldly matters if they possess the ability.

Freedom of religion

Al-Munajjid states that Muslims who support the building of churches in Islamic countries in response to mosques being allowed to being built in non-Islamic countries are "ignorant" as Islam does not permit the promotion of anyone worshipping other than Allah.

Munajjid called for restricting people's speech and not allowing crticisim of Islam and attacked the idea of "freedom of belief".


The World Cup was criticized by Al-Munajjid. Rules on how to play soccer in a manner that agreed with Islam were issue by Al-Munajid.

Munajjid attacked the Olympics and gave reasons why he was against the sports in it.

Mickey Mouse

Munajjid attacked Mickey Mouse, and Tom and Jerry, and mice in general, accusing Satan of controlling mice. He accused Harry Potter of propagating witchcraft as well as criticizing the influence of Mickey Mouse.


Denying anti-government Syrians weapons and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were claimed as reasons for what Munajjid claimed was the "punishment" of Hurricane Sandy on the USA.


Munajjid said Shariah allows for iPhone jailbreaking.

Valentine's Day

Munajjid claimed that paganism and polytheism are features of Valentine's Day. Munajjid claimed it had pagan Roman origins. He ordered Valentine's Day not to be observed by Muslims.

Controversial statements

  • His website includes a number of controversial fatwas. women being intellectually inferior to men (on a number of occasions), women who work as broadcasters will lead to illegitimate children, needing to divorce women who don't wear the hijab, needing to leave work if there are women working there and polygamy being acceptable for all Muslim males being sinful to live in non-Muslim countries,
  • On the cause of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami: "The problem is that the [Christian] holidays are accompanied by forbidden things, by immorality, abomination, adultery, alcohol, drunken dancing, and … and revelry. A belly dancer costs 2500 pounds per minute and a singer costs 50,000 pounds per hour, and they hop from one hotel to another from night to dawn. Then he spends the entire night defying Allah. "Haven't they learned the lesson from what Allah wreaked upon the coast of Asia, during the celebration of these forbidden? At the height of immorality, Allah took vengeance on these criminals. "Those celebrating spent what they call 'New Year's Eve' in vacation resorts, pubs, and hotels. Allah struck them with an earthquake. He finished off the Richter scale. All nine levels gone. Tens of thousands dead. "It was said that they were tourists on New Year's vacation who went to the crowded coral islands for the holiday period, and then they were struck by this earthquake, caused by the Almighty Lord of the worlds. He showed them His wrath and His strength. He showed them His vengeance. Is there anyone learning the lesson? Is it impossible that we will be struck like them? Why do we go their way? Why do we want to be like them, with their holidays, their forbidden things, and their heresy?"
  • In 2008, Munajjid stated that mice are "one of Satan's soldiers" and make everything they touch impure; and that depictions of the creatures in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, and Disney's Mickey Mouse, have taught children that they are in fact loveable. Although he was quoted as saying that Mickey Mouse should be killed, he later qualified his statement stating: “What I said was not a fatwa for Mickey Mouse to be killed, no rational person would say such a thing....The true subject being discussed was harmful rodents and mice, not Mickey.” Munajjid condemned the Beijing Olympics as the "bikini Olympics", claiming that nothing made Satan happier than seeing female athletes dressed in skimpy outfits.
  • In a video posted on the Internet in January 2011 (as translated by MEMRI), Al-Munajjid issued a Fatwa to allow hacking to "Jewish Websites". Al-Munajjid stated that "In principle, hacking into websites and sabotaging them is forbidden. This is not allowed because Allah has forbidden spying" but explained, regarding Jewish Websites, that: "This is a special case that requires a special answer. The people whose property and websites are protected do not include criminal aggressors. These Jews are bombing from land, air, and sea, perpetrating a genocide against our brothers, killing women and children, and destroying homes and mosques with people inside... There is no doubt that they are criminals, corrupters, attackers, and saboteurs. Their websites are targeted in the context of the war against them."
  • Books written by Saalih al Munajjid

  • 1. The Forbidden
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