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Mr Doctor

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Origin  Italy
Name  Mr. Doctor
Labels  Hurdy Gurdy Records
Years active  1987 - Present

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Also known as  The Man of Thousand Voices
Occupation(s)  Singer, Musician, Composer, Director, Writer
Instruments  Vocals, Organ, Celesta, Accordion
Genres  Progressive rock, Symphonic rock, Gothic rock
Albums  Dies Irae, The Girl Who Was Death, The Sacrilege of Fatal A, Eliogabalus, Sacrilegium
Similar People  Bor Zuljan, Roberto Dani, Jani Hace, Brotha Lynch Hung, X‑Raided

Music group  Devil Doll (Since 1987)

PALAYE ROYALE - Mr. Doctor Man (Official Music Video)

Mr. Doctor (Mario Panciera) is the leader of and creative drive behind the experimental rock band Devil Doll.


Mr. Doctor Biografias Devil Doll

For 20 years, from forming the band in 1987, he kept his identity a secret – revealing little more than that he was born in Slovenia, of Italian extraction, and lived in Venice. After 1992, when he was heavily censored in the introduction of a television showing of Sacrilegium, he long refused to give interviews. His name, Mario Panciera, was only made public with the 2007 release of his book 45 Revolutions (A definitive discography of UK punk, mod, powerpop, new wave, NWOBHM, and indie singles 1976–1979, Volume I).

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Mr. Doctor Devil Doll The World of MrDoctor
  • The Mark of the Beast (1988) (only one copy exists)
  • The Girl Who Was... Death (1989)
  • Eliogabalus (1990)
  • Sacrilegium (1992)
  • The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (1993)
  • Dies Irae (1996)
  • Quotes

    Mr. Doctor Mr Doctor Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives

    "A man is less likely to become great the more he is dominated by reason: few can achieve greatness – and none in art – if they are not dominated by illusion." Heading of the advertisement by Mr. Doctor to recruit members for the original lineup of Devil Doll

    Mr. Doctor Devil Doll Eliogabalus Mr Doctor III III YouTube

    "This is a painting, not a graphic work." Mr. Doctor, in response to why only one copy of The Mark of the Beast was pressed.


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