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Mount Xuebaoding

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Listing  Ultra
Elevation  5,588 m
Prominence  2,057 m
Mountain range  Min Mountains
Easiest route  snow/ice/glacier climb
First ascent  1986
Province  Sichuan
Parent range  Min Mountains
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Location  Songpan County, Sichuan, China
Similar  Kawagarbo, Gurla Mandhata, Tianmu Mountain, Gyala Peri, Bairiga

Mount Xuebaoding(Chinese: 雪宝顶; literally: "Snowy Treasure Peak"; Tibetan name:Shar Dung Ri)is a mountain near the easternmost edge of the Tibetan Plateau in China. With an elevation of 5,588 metres (18,333 ft) it is the highest peak of the Min Mountains. It is located in Songpan County of the Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Map of Xuebao Ding, Songpan, Aba, China

Xuebaoding was first climbed in 1986 by a Japanese team.


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