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Motoharu Sano

Name  Motoharu Sano

Role  Musician
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Albums  Coyote, Blood Moon, No Damage, NIAGARA TRIANGLE - Vol 2, HEARTLAND
Similar People  Eiichi Ohtaki, Masamichi Sugi, Takashi Matsumoto, Shogo Hamada, Misato Watanabe

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Motoharu Sano (佐野 元春, born March 13, 1956 in Taitō, Tokyo), is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. A graduate of Rikkyo University, Sano is a frontman with a history of performing in several bands which feature music both in Japanese and occasionally, English, playing songs that often have a rock and roll sound to them.


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Additionally, he has spent a year in New York City, even doing a radio show there.

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Sano took part in a special two-day concert commemorating Takashi Matsumoto's 45th anniversary as a lyricist held at the Tokyo International Forum on August 21–22, 2015. He performed lead vocals on "Haikara Hakuchi" with the surviving members of Happy End, Matsumoto, Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki, in place of the deceased Eiichi Ohtaki.

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Motoharu Sano Motoharu Sano musician Pinterest Musicians
  • Back to the Street(1980)
  • HeartBeat(1981)
  • Someday(1982)
  • No Danage(1983)
  • Visitors(1984)
  • Cafe Bohemia(1986)
  • Heartland(1988)
  • NapoleonFish Day(1989)
  • Time Out!(1990)
  • Slow Songs(1991)
  • Sweet16(1992)
  • No Damage2(1992)
  • The Circle(1993)
  • The Golden Ring(1994)
  • Fruits(1996)
  • The Barn(1997)
  • Stones and Eggs(1999)
  • The 20th Anniversary Edition(2000)
  • Club Mix Collection(2000)
  • Grass(2000)
  • Spoken Words Collected Poems 1985-2000(2000)
  • In Motion 2001(2002)
  • Someday Collector's Edition(2002)
  • The Legend Early Days of Motoharu Sano(2003)
  • Visitors 20th Anniversary Edition(2004)
  • In Motion 2003(2004)
  • The Sun(2004)
  • The Sun Studio Edition(2005)
  • The Sun Live at NHK Hall(2005)
  • The Singles(2006)
  • The Essential Cafe Bohemia(2006)
  • Coyote(2007)
  • Beatitude(2007)
  • NapoleonFish Day Special Edition(2008)
  • Very Best of Motoharu Sano(2010)
  • SideWalk Talk(2011)
  • Zooey(2013)
  • Tokyo Chic(2014)
  • Visitors Deluxe Edition(2014)
  • Blood Moon(2015)
  • Maniju (2017)

  • Motoharu Sano Motoharu Sano Promised Bridge 92 YouTube


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