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Moto Kikaku

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Hiryu in Moto Kikaku's Style by Puppetcancer on DeviantArt

Kagetsura & Falcon vs Strider hyryu & Strider hien [Sengoku vs Moto Kikaku]

Moto Kikaku (モト企画) (formerly Motomiya Kikaku 本宮企画) is a group of Japanese manga artists, founded by Hiroshi Motomiya (本宮ひろ志). They're best known in the West for the Strider Hiryu manga (published by Kadokawa Shoten), which was developed as a tie-in to Capcom's video game hit Strider. The group had input in Strider 2's character designs, and the original manga's plot was adapted as the plot of the NES version.

However, Strider was not the only Moto Kikaku property to be adapted. Capcom based four games on Motomiya's Tenchi wo Kurau series: Destiny of an Emperor and Destiny of an Emperor II for the NES, and Dynasty Wars and Warriors of Fate for the CPS-1.

Moto Kikaku is credited whenever Strider Hiryu appears in a game. On the staff roll for the PC-Engine port of Warriors of Fate, they share a "Special Thanks" credit on the same line with Hiroshi Motomiya.

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