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Moshe Peretz

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Birth name  Moshe Peretz
Years active  2002–present
Children  Michaela
Instruments  Vocals
Spouse  Yarden Gozlan (m. 2013)
Occupation(s)  singer-songwriter
Role  Singer-songwriter
Origin  Tiberias, Israel
Name  Moshe Peretz

Moshe Peretz Moshe Peretz Ein Kamoch YouTube
Born  May 10, 1983 (age 32) (1983-05-10)
Genres  Soul, Mizrahi, pop, music of Israel
Albums  Elaich, Zikukim, Esh, סימני הזמן, כל המילים השמחות
Nominations  MTV Europe Music Award for Best Israeli Act
Similar People  Dudu Aharon, Lior Narkis, Eyal Golan, Kobi Peretz, Omer Adam

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Moshe Peretz (Hebrew: משה פרץ‎; born 10 May 1983) is an Israeli Mizrahi pop singer-songwriter and composer. He is also currently serving as a judge for the first season of The X Factor Israel.


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Moshe Peretz Moshe Peretz Zikukim YouTube

Born from a Moroccan father and an Iraqi mother, Peretz started singing as a poet in a synagogue in his home town of Tiberias at the age of 13 and began to compose songs. At the age of 18 Peretz was inducted into the Israel Defense Forces for obligatory military service. During his service, he performed "שיר המעלות‎", during Yom Hazikaron (the Israeli Memorial Day) ceremonies held at his base that received positive feedback leading to him serving in a military music band. In 2002, he started writing songs while in the Army. After release from the Army, he released his first album in 2005 entitled Mabit El Hamromim (מביט אל המרומים‎) that saw sale of over 10,000 copies in Israel. His follow-up album Esh (אש‎) in 2007 was even more successful selling 20,000 copies and certified gold. The title track "Esh" was heavily promoted on Israeli radio and specialized music channels. It sold over 20,000 and was certified gold. In 2008, he had a hit that topped the Israeli singles chart called "Elaich" meaning "You" that was the precursor of the third album Elaich (אלייך‎) that sold over 40,000 copies and was certified platinum. His fourth studio album proved however his most successful album in 2010. Entitled Me'ha'shamaim (מהשמיים‎), it sold over 110,000 copies and was certified double platinum. The song "שתיים בלילה‎" meaning "2 o'clock" topped the Israeli singles chart. He conducted a grand tour to promote the album appearing notably in famous Caesarea Music Festival. In August 2010 was shortly detained for an investigation by the Israeli police on suspicion of tax evasion. His fifth single Zikukim (זיקוקים‎) (meaning 'Fireworks'). The album has sold over 80,000 copies and certified double platinum.

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Moshe Peretz writes most of his materials. He has also written for other artists like Sarit Hadad, Shlomi Shabat and Tamir Gal. He co-wrote with Dudu Aharon for Israeli artist Lior Narkis.

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  • In 2009, he took part in the fifth season of Israeli version of Dancing with the Stars (in Hebrew "רוקדים עם כוכבים") broadcast on Israeli Channel 2. He reached the final and was runner-up of that year's series.
  • On 25 March 25, 2010, he won the prize פרס אקו"ם For "Best achievement in music". The committee cite his skills in singing, songwriting, creating his own style that touched the feelings of the Israeli public, and for his humility, captivating personality an star qualities.
  • In April 2010, he took part in Memorial Day ceremonies writing the song "עוד מעט נהפוך לשיר" to commemorate the fallen Israeli soldiers and the victims of 2006 train accident.
  • In 2011, he took part in the reality television series Music Academy (in Hebrew בית ספר למוסיקה) as part of the music faculty alongside Yehoram Gaon, Keren Peles and Matti Caspi. However he missed part of the program for his tour engagements including a tour of the United States. Music Academy was broadcast on Israeli Channel 2.
  • In 2012, he joined the jury of the reality television series Kokhav Nolad (in Hebrew כוכב נולד meaning A star is born), the Israeli equivalent of Idol.
  • In 2012, he declared his official engagement to ירדן גוזלן his long-time girlfriend.
  • in 2013 he joined The X Factor Israel and currently serves as a judge there.
  • Albums

  • 2005: Mabit El Hamromim (מביט אל המרומים) (meaning Looking at the sky/heavens). (Sale of 10,000 copies)
  • 2007: Esh (אש) (meaning Fire) (sales of over 20,000 copies, certified gold)
  • 2008: Elaich (אלייך) (meaning Towards You) (sales of over 40,000 copies, certified platinum)
  • 2010: Me'ha'shamaim (meaning From the sky/heavens" (sales of over 110,000 copies, certified double platinum)
  • 2011: Zikukim (זיקוקים) (meaning Fireworks) (sales of over 80,000, certified double platinum)
  • 2013: Col Hamilim Hasmehot (כל המילים השמחות) (meaning All The Happy Words)
  • 2015: Simane Hazman (סימני הזמן) (meaning Signs of The Time)
  • 2017: Bucher Chadash (בחור חדש) (meaning New Guy)
  • Songs


  • From Mabit El Hamromim:
  • "שחורת עיניים", "ילד מאוהב", "האישה שלי", "דרך ארוכה"
  • From Esh:
  • "זה הזמן", "כמו השקט", "יש רגעים", "בחלומות שלי", "אש"
  • From Elaich
  • "ואולי", "אלייך", "כל בוקר", "נשבע לך"
  • From Me'ha'shamaim:
  • "שתיים בלילה", "מהשמיים", "אשמור עלייך", "אין כמו בבית", "עד שתשובי אליי", "מה קורה איתך", "תמיד ידעתי"
  • From Zikukim
  • "אין כמוך", "ארוץ עד אלייך", "קחי אותי אלייך"
  • References

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