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Moruchi Mavshi

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Written by  Pralhad Keshav Atre
Genre  Comedy
Original language  Marathi
Playwright  Pralhad Keshav Atre
Moruchi Mavshi Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak Cast Crew with Photos

Characters  Moruchi Mavshi - Moru's aunt who is the Queen of Kanda Sansthan
Comedy plays  Shyamchi Mummy, The Importance of Being, The Comedy About a B, Blithe Spirit, Don Gil of the Green Breeches
Similar  Shyamchi Mummy, Sakharam Binder, Char Divas Premache

Moruchi Mavshi (Devanagari:मोरूची मावशी) is a Marathi play written by playwright Pralhad Keshav Atre based on the English play Charley's Aunt. The play is a light hearted comedy. It is best known for Vijay Chavan's iconic role in this famous Marathi Stage drama where he regaled in the title role of Moru's aunt.


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Moruchi Mavshi Moruchi Mavshiquot Marathi Comedy Natak YouTube

Set in the post-Independence era when different sansthans (princely states) of India were being demolished, the play deals with three college friends Moru (Prashant Damle), Bhaiyya (Pradeep Patwardhan) and Bandya (Vijay Chavan). Moru and Bhaiyya are sharing a bungalow they have rented. Moru's aunt, the queen of Kanda Sansthan, is coming visiting. So Moru and Bhaiyya call their girlfriends from their neighborhood to give her company but at the last minute the aunt's visit is cancelled and Bandya, who is playing a female part for a theatre group is coaxed by his two friends to become Moru's aunt. What follows is a fun-filled drama with Bhaiyya's uncle and the girls' uncle proposing to mavshi and the arrival of the real mavshi and her niece who happens to be Bandya's girlfriend.


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Singing and dancing are used here to good effect laced with comedy. The main highlight of the play was 'Tang ting tinga', a song from the play where Chavan is at his best - dancing, jumping, playing games in a sari.

Original cast and crew

  • Prashant Damle : Moru
  • Pradeep Patwardhan : Bhaiya
  • Vijay Chavan : Moru's aunt, the Queen of Kanda Sansthan
  • New cast and crew

    Moruchi Mavshi Moruchi Mavshiquot Bharat Jadhav Natak quot

    After the success of an old 'Moruchi Mavshi' which was released in 1985, Suyog Productions has launched the remake of 'Moruchi Mavshi' with an all new star cast in January 2014. The play is hilarious and ends on a very positive note. Bharat Jadhav is Playing Moruchi Mavshi in the new set. The play started on 26th Jan. 2014.

    Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak Moruchi Mawashi Talim with Bharat Jadhav YouTube

  • Bharat Jadhav : Moru's aunt, the Queen of Kanda Sansthan, Bandya/ Prabhakar
  • Ashutosh Gokhale : Moru
  • Advait Dadarkar : Bhaiyaji
  • Tejshree Sawant : Usha
  • Rekha Kambli : Nisha
  • The other crew is Ashutosh Gokhale, Nagesh Morvekar, Mahesh Kokate, Esha Vadanekar, Malvika Marathe.

    The new set production team is as follows:

    Moruchi Mavshi Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak Cast Crew with Photos

  • Production : Suyog Productions
  • Producer : Sudhir Bhat & Gopal Algeri
  • Writer : Acharya Atre
  • Director : Mangesh Kadam
  • Music Composer : Ashok Patki
  • Set Design : Pradeep Mule
  • Lights : Kishor Ingle
  • Film adaptation

    It's the same play which has inspired Govinda's drag act in Aunty No. 1 (1998).


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