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Moondru Mudichu

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K. Balachander


Moondru Mudichu movie poster

Release date
22 October 1976

K. Balachander, Kannadasan

Aadi Velli Thedi Unnai

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Rajnikanth kamal haasan sridevi vasantha kala nadigalile moondru mudichu

Moondru Mudichu (English: The Three Knots) is a 1976 Tamil film that was directed by K. Balachander. The movie stars Sridevi and Rajinikanth in major roles. Kamal Hassan did an extended guest role. The movie revolves around three people, a college going girl (Sridevi) and two men who fall in love with her (Hassan and Rajinikanth). The film was based on 1974 Telugu film O Seeta Katha directed by K. Viswanath starring Roja Ramani and Chandramohan.


Moondru Mudichu movie scenes

Kamal Haasan had played the anti hero role in the Malayalam version Mattoru Seetha, which was later played by Rajinikanth in this Tamil version. The precursor for this storyline was Thanga Gopuram in 1971 starring Jayalalithaa.

Moondru Mudichu movie scenes

Moondru mudichu


Moondru Mudichu movie scenes

Prasath (Rajinikanth) and Balaji (Kamal Hassan) are roommates in a city. Balaji falls in love with Selvi (Sridevi) who lives in the same apartment complex. Prasath, who has his eyes on Selvi, pretends to back Balaji's love while secretly hoping to create a divide between them. Selvi realizes Prasath's evil intentions when she finds out that he has seduced an innocent girl living in the same apartment complex. However, she is unable to convince Balaji, who hero-worships Prasath.

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Things come to a head when Balaji and Selvi go for a picnic by the lake and Balaji decides to invite Prasath along. As the three of them head to the middle of the lake on a boat, Balaji topples over by mistake. Prasath refuses to jump in and save Balaji, on the pretext that he does not know swimming. A devastated Selvi returns home to another shock — her sister (Y. Vijaya), who plays small roles in movies, has been in a fire accident which has left her face permanently scarred. Overnight, Selvi's life undergoes a drastic change.

In Moondru Mudichu, Sridevi at 13 years played the object of two men's  affections, Kamal and Rajini - YouTube

Prasath becomes kind towards Selvi and she comes to his house and lives as a maid. Prasath lives with his father (Calcutta Viswanathan) and his younger siblings. His father wants Selvi to marry Prasath. In an attempt to salvage her life, Selvi decides to marry Prasath's father in the absence of Prasath. After her marriage to Prasath's father, she decides to use her 'mother' status to exact revenge on Prasath and gives him a shock when he returns.

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The movie ends with lines in Tamil, roughly translating to: "When it is time for a seed to sprout, if the conscience cannot empathise; and only after the incident, is the conscience present! When conscience grapples with oneself for selfish ends; in the evildoer's eyes, his madness will be his conscience!"


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  • Kamal Hassan as Balaji
  • Rajinikanth as Prasath
  • Sridevi as Selvi
  • N. Viswanathan
  • Y. Vijaya
  • Rajamani
  • Anupama
  • Baby Indira
  • Kalavathi
  • Soundtrack

    Moondru Mudichu Moondru Mudichu

    The music for the film is scored by M. S. Viswanathan and lyrics by Kannadasan.

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