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Nisha Rathode

Moon Ribas

Nationality  Spain

Name  Moon Ribas
Moon Ribas Pioneers Pioneer Mode

Born  24 May 1985 (age 30) (1985-05-24) Spain
Known for  Cyborgism Avant-garde Performance art
Notable work  Waiting for Earthquakes Walking Colours The Speeds of Europe
Awards  2010  Cre@tic Award 2010 Tecnocampus Mataro 2010  Stage Creation Award IMAC Mataro, Spain 2001  Stage Creation Award IMAC Mataro, Spain
Education  Dartington College of Arts, Theaterschool

Life with extra senses neil harbisson and moon ribas at tedxmuscat 2013

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Moon Ribas (born 24 May 1985) is a Spanish avant-garde artist and cyborg activist best known for developing and implanting an online seismic sensor in her elbow that allows her to feel earthquakes through vibrations. Her choreography works are based on the exploration of new movements developed by the addition of new senses or sensory extensions to the dancer. She is the co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that encourages humans to become cyborgs and promotes cyborgism as an art movement.

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Searching for my sense moon ribas tedxm nchen

Career and works

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Moon Ribas grew up in Mataró (Spain) and moved to England at the age of 18 where she studied experimental dance and graduated in choreography at Dartington College of Arts (England) and Movement Research at SNDO Theaterschool (Amsterdam). During her studies she began to explore the possibilities of sensory extensions by applying technology to her body.

Seismic Sense

Moon Ribas BUMP 2017 Moon Ribas

In 2013, Moon developed a sensor that vibrates whenever there's an earthquake in the planet. The sensor, which is permanently attached to her elbow, vibrates in different levels depending on the intensity of each earthquakes and is wirelessly connected to online seismographs, which means she can feel earthquakes from all over the world regardless of where she is. Moon has been wearing the sensor permanently since March 2013 and has used her seismic sense to create dance pieces. Waiting for Earthquakes is a solo dance performance where the dancer stands still until an earthquake is felt. The choreography depends on the earthquakes felt during the duration of the performance and the intensity of the dancer's movements depend on the magnitude of each earthquake (which can be felt from 1.0 in the Richter Scale). If there are no earthquakes during the time of performance the dancer will not dance. The piece was premiered on 28 March 2013 at Nau Ivanow, Barcelona.

Kaleidoscopic Vision

Moon Ribas Entrevista a Moon Ribas YouTube

Moon's first sensory experiment was in 2007 when she created and wore a pair of kaleidoscopic glasses for three months. The glasses only allowed her to see colour, no shape. The lack of shape perception increased not only her sense of colour discrimination but also her detection of movement. Any slight change of colour in her field of vision indicated that something had moved. During the three-month period, Moon visited several cities in Europe and met people without ever seeing their faces.


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In 2008, Moon created a speedometer glove that allowed her to perceive the exact speed of any movement around her through vibrations on her hand. She wore the glove for several months and was able to sense different speeds depending on the vibration intervals. She later transformed the glove into a pair of earrings that vibrated whenever there was presence around her. Moon travelled around Europe with her speedborg earrings to find out what the average walking speed of citizens was in different cities. The Speeds of Europe is a video dance that shows the results of her research; Londoners and Stockholm citizens for example walk at a similar average speed of approximately 6.1kph whereas people in Rome and Oslo walk at an average speed of 4kph.

Moon Ribas This woman a selfdescribed cyborg can sense every earthquake in

By 2009, Moon was able to detect not only the exact speed of any person walking in front of her but also her own speed. Knowing her own speed allowed her to create Green Lights a piece choreographed in relation to a set of 8 traffic lights: by learning the traffic light timings of Barcelona's Rambla de Catalunya avenue and by measuring the distance between each traffic light, she calculated the speed she had to walk to avoid red traffic lights and was able to get from one end to the other end of the avenue without stops.

360° Perception

In 2010, Moon explored the possibilities of sensing movement behind her by turning the speedborg earrings around. The earrings allowed her to perceive if presence was behind her. The earrings were developed further by students from La Salle (Barcelona) by adding 4 extra sensors in order to gain 360° perception of movement through vibrations around the head.

Cyborg Foundation

In 2010, Moon Ribas and Neil Harbisson created the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that encourages humans to become cyborgs. The aims of the organisation are: to extend human senses and abilities by creating and applying cybernetic extension to the body, to promote cyborgism as an art movement, and to defend cyborg rights. In 2010, the foundation won the Cre@tic Award, awarded by Tecnocampus Mataró. In 2012 a short film about the foundation was awarded at Sundance Film Festival.


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