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Monster Shark

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Genre  Action, Horror, Thriller
Language  English
2.3/10 IMDb

Director  Lamberto Bava
Country  Italy, France
Monster Shark movie poster
Writer  Gianfranco Clerici, Lamberto Bava
Release date  September 7, 1984 (Italy) January 23, 1985 (France) November 14, 1986 (USA)
Music director  Guido De Angelis, Fabio Frizzi
Screenplay  Lamberto Bava, Dardano Sacchetti, Gianfranco Clerici, Herve Piccini
Cast  Michael Sopkiw (Peter), Valentine Monnier (Dr. Stella Dickens), Gianni Garko (Sheriff Gordon), William Berger (Professor Donald West), Iris Peynado (Sandra Hayes), Lawrence Morgant (Dr. Davis Barker)
Similar movies  DeepStar Six, Sharktopus, It Came from Beneath the Sea, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Pioneer
Tagline  Sink your teeth into pure terror!

Monster shark 1984 trailer

Monster Shark (Italian: Shark - Rosso nell'oceano) is a 1984 Italian-French science fiction-horror film directed by Lamberto Bava. It was also released in various countries as Devil Fish, Monster from the Red Ocean, Devouring Waves and Shark: Red in the Ocean. The script was co-written by Dardano Sacchetti, based on a story idea contributed by Luigi Cozzi and producer Sergio Martino.


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Blueeyes movie review monster shark aka devilfish 1984


Monster Shark Devil Fish 1984 IMDb

The film takes place along a stretch of coastline somewhere in Florida, where a local tourist spot has become plagued by a mysterious marine creature. Unbeknownst to them, the monster is the product of a secret military experiment; it is a genetic hybrid mutated from a common octopus and the prehistoric Dunkleosteus. Unfortunately, the creature has broken loose, and is now feeding on swimmers and tourists swimming or sailing along the coast. As the monster is only an infant, it will continue to grow if it is left to hunt much longer.

Monster Shark BlueEyes Movie Review MONSTER SHARK aka DEVILFISH 1984 YouTube

A team of scientists led by a scientist named Peter and his colleague, Dr. Stella Dickens, are trying to find the creature and stop it; meanwhile, a group of military scientists are trying to stop the scientists, as the experiment was classified military business. Both groups are slowly picked off by the creature while they try to track it down. They eventually find that it is hiding in the Everglades and manage to corner it in shallow waters and kill it with repeated blasts from flamethrowers.


Monster Shark MONSTER SHARK Kaijumatic
  • Michael Sopkiw as Peter
  • Valentine Monnier as Dr. Stella Dickens
  • Gianni Garko as Sheriff Gordon
  • William Berger as Professor Donald West
  • Iris Peynado as Sandra Hayes
  • Lawrence Morgant as Dr. Bob Hogan
  • Cinzia de Ponti as Florinda
  • Paul Branco as Dr. Davis Barker
  • Dagmar Lassander as Sonja West
  • Reception

    Monster Shark MONSTER SHARK Kaijumatic

    TV Guide called it "wholly amateurish" and criticized the film's unconvincing monster. Star Michael Sopkiw attributes the film's flaws and negative reviews to the production's limited budget, saying that Lamberto Bava was a great director.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000


    On August 15, 1998, Monster Shark, under its alternative title of Devil Fish, was featured on an episode of the movie-mocking television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, on which it was spoofed for its poor acting and erratic editing. One scene of this film contains a brief glimpse of a male character's genitals, which the Sci-Fi Channel censored by superimposing the MST3K logo, and two key death scenes removed.


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