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Mogilev Region

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Area  29,079.01 km2
Mogilev Region Beautiful Landscapes of Mogilev Region

University  Mahilyow State Food University

Map of Mogilev Region

Mogilev Region, also Mahilyow Voblasts (Province) or Mogilyov Oblast (Belarusian: Магілёўская во́бласць; Mahilioŭskaja voblasć; Russian: Могилёвская о́бласть; Mogilyovskaya Oblast), is a region (voblast) of Belarus with its administrative center at Mogilev (Mahilyow).


Mogilev Region Beautiful Landscapes of Mogilev Region

Both Mogilev and Gomel Regions suffered severely after the Chernobyl nuclear radioactive reactor catastrophe in April 1986.

Mogilev Region Tourist places in Mogilev Region

Important cities within the region include: Mogilev, Asipovichy, and Babruysk.

Mogilev Region Mogilev Region Wikipedia

Belarus mogilev region


Mogilev Region The map of the Mogilev region Official Website of the Republic of

The Mahilyow Voblast covers a total area of 29,100 km2 (11,200 sq mi), about 14% of the national total. The voblast's greatest extent from north to south is 150 km (93 mi), from east to west - 300 km (190 mi), while the highest point is 239 metres (784 ft) above sea level and the lowest at 126 m (413 ft) above sea level.

Many rivers flow through the Mahilyow Voblast including the Dnieper (Dniapro), Berezina, Sozh, Druts, Pronya and Ptsich. The voblast' also has small lakes, the largest being the Zaozerye Lake with a surface area of 0.58 km2 (0.22 sq mi). The Chihirin Reservoir on the Druts River has an area of 21.1 km2 (8.1 sq mi).

The extreme eastern point of Belarus is situated within the Mahilyow Voblast to the east of the Khotimsk District.


The Mahilyow Voblast has a temperate continental climate. The region has mild winters and warm summers. January's average temperature reaches from −8.2 °C (17.2 °F) in the northeast to −6.5 °C (20.3 °F) in the southwest. July's average temperature reaches from 17.8 °C (64.0 °F) in the northeast to 18.7 °C (65.7 °F) in the southwest. The region's average yearly vegetative period lasts around 183–194 days. The average precipitation is 575–675 millimetres (22.6–26.6 in) a year with approximately 70% falling during the warm season (April–October).


With a total population of 1,088,100 (2011), 353,600 inhabitants live in rural areas and 855,000 live in cities or towns. There are 639,300 women and 567,300 men in the region, of which 288,100 are under 18 while 267,300 are elderly people.

Of the major nationalities living in the Mahilyow Voblast, 1,044,000 inhabitants are Belarusians, 132,000 are Russians, 3,500 are Jewish, 2,800 are Poles, 2,110 are Ukrainians, 1,700 are Tatars, 1,300 are Lithuanians, 1,100 are Armenians, and 1,070 are Romani.


Number of travel agencies in Mogilev Region has grown from 20 in 2000 to 50 in 2010, 12 of which provide agent services, the others are tour operators. Mogilev Region hosts 3-4% of all the organized tourists arrivals of the Republic. Most popular cities to visit in the region are Mogilev and Bobruisk.

Administrative subdivisions

Today the region consists of 21 districts (raions), 195 selsovets, 14 towns, 3 city municipalities, and 12 urban-type settlements.


The twenty-one raions (districts) of the Mahilyow Voblast are:

Cities and towns

  • Mahilyow (Belarusian: Магілёў; Russian: Могилёв; Łacinka: Mahiloŭ) - 365,100
  • Babruysk (Belarusian: Бабруйск; Russian: Бобруйск) - 220,800
  • Asipovichy (Belarusian: Асiповiчы; Russian: Осипо́вичи; Łacinka: Asipovičy) - 34,700
  • Horki (Belarusian: Горкі) - 34,000
  • Krychaw (Belarusian: Крычаў; Łacinka: Kryčaŭ) - 28,200
  • Bykhaw (Belarusian: Бы́хаў; Russian: Бы́хов) - 17,300
  • Kastsyukovichy (Russian: Костюковичи) - 16,100
  • Klimavichy (Belarusian: Клiмавiчы; Russian: Климовичи; Łacinka: Klimavičy) - 16,000
  • Shklow (Belarusian: Шклоў; Russian: Шклов; Łacinka: Škłoŭ) - 15,900
  • Mstsislaw or Amstsislaw (Belarusian: Мсці́слаў, Амсьці́слаў, Мсьці́слаў; Russian: Мстиславль; Łacinka: Amścisłaŭ) - 11,700
  • Chavusy (Belarusian: Чавусы; Russian: Чаусы; Łacinka: Čavusy) - 10,800
  • Cherykaw (Russian: Чериков) - 8,400
  • Slawharad (Belarusian: Слаўгарод; Russian: Славгород) - 8,300
  • Klichaw (Belarusian: Клічаў; Belarusian: Кличев) - 7,500
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