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Modhi Vilayadu

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Language  Tamil
Director  Saran
Country  India Malaysia
Modhi Vilayadu movie poster
Writer  S.Ramakrishnan, Saran
Release date  July 24, 2009 (2009-07-24)

Modhi vilayadu trailer

Modhi Vilayadu (English: Play by clashing) is a Tamil language film released on 24 July 2009. It stars Vinay Rai and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. This is the second time that Saran had worked without his usual music teammate Bharadwaj after Alli Arjuna in 2002. The film was rated with mixed reviews and fared poorly at the box office.


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The film's plot involving heroine is based on the Korean movie 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant.

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Rajan Vasudev (Kalabhavan Mani) is an intolerable business tycoon who runs the great OPM Group of companies spread across the globe. He meaninglessly topples companies by either buying or taking the majority shares so that his company can spread across. His wife was killed 20 years ago by a rival company owner which turned him into this way. Udhay Vasudev (Vinay Rai) is his only son, a spoilt kid who drives a Ferrari, spends lakhs everyday and lives in one of the most sophisticated houses in Chennai. He is the sponsor for his constant companion Madhan (Yuva), who lives with him and local friend Kadukku (N. Santhanam) along with a dozen bodyguards headed by Alse Ram. Udhay meets LR Easwari (Kajal Aggarwal), a music student in Chennai in an accident and falls head on for her. He wants to mingle with her and blackmails her by saying that she has damaged his car and could work by his will to compensate the 10 lakh she owes him and in a funny turn of events he makes her his maid-servant. Soon Madhan falls in love with Easwari who has also fallen for Udhay.

An assassin is hired by Rajan's rival, whose son-in-law commits suicide due to Rajan's pressure, to knock off Udhay, the only heir to the business empire. But in a bizarre twist, the killer accidentally kills Madhan and Rajan is heartbroken as it is revealed that Madhan is his real son whereas Udhay was just a ‘Benami’ to die for Madhan. Udhay who does not know this, spends a lot sobering. But suddenly he is thrown out of his house, and his bank account has been swiped clean by OPM company. Multiple assassination attempts are made upon him and he meets Rajan in rags. Rajan reveals the truth to him and challenges him to live for 30 days as he won't reveal the truth to anyone else. Udhay who is left in the streets overnight as he is not needed any longer. Udhay then goes to Mumbai to meet LR Easwari, who turns out to be the daughter of the Chairman of the very rich Laksmi Ram group of companies. Though Easwari has enough shares to become next chairwoman, her step-mom's relatives refuse her because both of her parents are not Hindi-speaking by birth. Easwari denounces her claim and heads back to Chennai with a shocked Udhay. Udhay then decides to teach his father a lesson. He convinces all of his father's daily staff to act as if they had forgotten him for 2 days. As a result, Rajan is refused entry into his own office where none of his staff recognize him and his personal belongings are stolen. He is down to rags and has to sleep on the streets. The next day he tries to complain to the police, but sees another person's face in his name under his company's posters. He is then arrested by the police under false accusation but is released the next day. He is recognized by everyone and returns to his Office.

There, in his absence, Udhay has assumed Office as acting Chairman, and has called for general body meeting the next day to officially confirm his as the next Chairman. Udhay blackmails to Rajan that if he reveals the truth about his son to public, Udhay will immediately resign from office and get out of Rajan's sight. Rajan seemingly agrees. An assassin is sent to kill Udhay in the GBM, as the world still believes that he is Rajan's own son. Rajan deceives Udhay and still claims that Udhay is his son and that he is proud of him. The assassin attempts to shoot Udhay, but shoots Rajan. Udhay chases the killer and gets him to the police. When he returns, Rajan is dead. Udhay is down to tears as the world will never know the truth, is surprised to see a dying Rajan tell the truth to public in a video. Udhay, with the help of Chanakya (Cochin Haneefa), gets back his wealth.


  • Vinay Rai as Udhay Vasudev
  • Kajal Aggarwal as Easwari Lakshmiram
  • Kalabhavan Mani as Rajan Vasudev
  • Cochin Haneefa as Chanakya
  • Santhanam as Kadukku
  • Yuva as Madhan
  • Amit Dhawan as Iqbal
  • Alse Ram as bodyguard
  • Mayilsamy
  • Raviprakash as Lakshmiram
  • Music

    The film has music of Hariharan - Lesle for the first time in Tamil. The audio launch of this movie held on 28 April.


    The film opened to mixed reviews with rating it highly while Behindwoods said "The game lacks excitement".


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