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Genres  Indie pop
Website  www.mixelpixel.com
Genre  Indie pop
Years active  1995 - 2009
Active until  2009
Record label  Kanine Records
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Labels  Kanine Records (United States) Mental Monkey (United States)
Associated acts  Fab Fur, Mail Order Monsters, Black Blunt, Jefferson Air Conditioner, The Eastern Stars, Mr. Mixel Pixel
Members  Matty Kaukeinen Kaia Wong Rob Corradetti
Origin  Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States (1995)
Albums  Music for Plants, Contact Kid, Rainbow Panda
Similar  Professor Murder, Deerhoof, The Evolution Control C, Chris Taylor, Aaron Pfenning

Mixel pixel monster manual music video

Mixel Pixel was a music/video project based in Brooklyn, New York, active from 1995-2009.


Formed in December 1995 in rural Minnesota, Mixel Pixel soon released their first home recorded 4 track cassettes, Lez Puff, Pastelogram, and Basement Mom. Later, they relocated to Delaware where they spent the next 4 years recording their first LP called Mappyland. Upon moving to New York in 1999, they made a string of homemade cut-and-paste rock LPs; Rainbow Panda, Contact Kid, Music For Plants, Let's Be Friends, and Highschool is not Hell.

In 2007 Mixel Pixel toured with Of Montreal. Through the years they've also shared the stage with Man Man, Chromatics, Extreme Animals, Chairlift, Grand Buffet, Ra Ra Riot, Grizzly Bear, We Are Wolves, They Might Be Giants, HEALTH, and Pit er Pat.

Mixel Pixel have collaborated on music videos with paperrad, Noah Lyon, Ricardo Rivera, Radical Friend, and Devin Clark.

Mixel Pixel have remixed bands including Professor Murder and Of Montreal.

Mixel pixel abandon ship

Mappy Land (2000)

  1. Fake Violin Solo
  2. Subhuman Levels
  3. One Up
  4. Go Mappy Land for U
  5. Charlie 5000
  6. Song Y
  7. Polaroid Booth
  8. Coney Island Bound Trash Train
  9. (daphne's tape)
  10. 10 Ft. Coffin
  11. Steamroller
  12. Body Double
  13. Cyclone Took My Baby

Rainbow Panda (2003)

  1. Pink Shirts
  2. My Animal
  3. Desert Falcon
  4. Silver Sparkle Amps
  5. Holsters
  6. Out of the Woods
  7. _____m
  8. Psych Mo-Fo
  9. Your No. 1
  10. Oh! the Summer People
  11. Boy with the Saddest Eyes
  12. Perfect Little World
  13. Body Automatic

Contact Kid (2004)

  1. I Am the Contact Kid
  2. Mantis Rock
  3. Penny Rocket / Romantic
  4. Little Wolverine
  5. Tell Tale Drum Machine
  6. Out of My Mind
  7. At the Arcade
  8. Gas House Gables
  9. Pittsburgh Brain
  10. The Drag City Starlet

Music for Plants (2006)

  1. You're the Kind of Girl
  2. Switchblade Sister
  3. Coming Up X's
  4. Black Van
  5. I Cannot Die
  6. Behind the Sun
  7. Ghost for Life
  8. Abandon Ship
  9. These Mortality Pictures
  10. Turkish Delights

Let's Be Friends (2008)

  1. What Ever Happened to One
  2. Sinking Feeling
  3. Favorite Sweatshirt On
  4. Great Invention
  5. Let's Be Friends
  6. Cats
  7. You Could Be...
  8. So Regal (Tigershark Kiss)
  9. Fake Girlfriend
  10. Last Song
  11. Distant Station

You're the Kind of Girl (digital ep 2006)

  1. You're the Kind of Girl
  2. What Are You Wearing? (Momus cover)
  3. Personal Space Invaders
  4. My Animal (Poingly Mix)

Coming Up X's (12" 2006)

  1. Coming Up X's (Album Version)
  2. Coming Up X's (Alan Astor Mix)
  3. Coming Up X's (Streetlab Mix)
  4. Coming Up X's (Poingly Mix)
  5. X's Is the Reason (Books On Tape Mix)

You're the Kind of Girl (7" 2006)

  1. You're the Kind of Girl
  2. Artificial Kid

Sinking Feeling (digital single 2008)

  1. Sinking Feeling
  2. I've Been Around
  3. My Summer World (with Lauren Winslow)


At the ArcadeContact Kid · 2005
Body AutomaticRainbow Panda · 2004
Tell Tale Drum MachineContact Kid · 2005


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