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Country  Guatemala
Elevation  5,548 ft (1,691 m)
Area  132 km²
Department  Guatemala
Climate  Cwb
Population  688,124 (2010)
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Mixco is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala.


Map of Mixco, Guatemala

Located next to the main Guatemala City municipality, over time it has become part of the Guatemala City Metropolitan Area. Most of Mixco is separated from the city by canyons, for which a multitude of bridges have been created. Ciudad San Cristóbal, one of Guatemala's largest cities, is located in this municipality. It is the third largest city in Guatemala Department, after Guatemala City and Villa Nueva, with a population of 688,124.

Administrative division

The municipality is divided into zones with residential neighborhoods, villages, settlements and the municipal capital. Due to its close proximity to Guatemala City, several villages were turned into residential neighborhoods.

From the residential neighborhoods it is excluded "La Florida", which separated from Mixco to join Guatemala City in 1958.


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  • Sports

    Deportivo Mixco football club play in the Guatemalan second division. They have been playing their home games at different locations, since they plan to build the new Estadio de La Tierra de Campeones.

    In film

  • In 1969, the Mexican-Guatemalan film El ogro, with famous Mexican comedian Germán Valdéz and Guatemalan actor Herbert Meneses was filmed on location in Tikal and Mixco. The scenes shot in Mixco include Germán Valdéz as an old church keeper and a group of kids that listen to his old stories.
  • Climate

    Mixco has a subtropical highland climate (Köppen: Cwb).


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