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Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter

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Production  1984-present
Class  Truck
Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter
Manufacturer  Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
Body style  Truck (standard cab (Worldwide), crew cab (Australia only))
Engine  Mitsubishi 220 HP (1984-1995), Mitsubishi 200 HP (1995-2004), Mitsubishi 245 HP (2004-), Mitsubishi 255HP, Mitsubishi 270HP, 280HP
Transmission  6-speed manual 5-speed automatic INOMAT 6-speed automatic manual 9 speed manual 10 speed high-low splitter

The Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter (kana:三菱ふそう・ファイター) is a line of medium-duty commercial vehicle produced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation since 1984. The range was primarily available in other big-size and mid-size trucks.


Most mid-size and big-size models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Fighter' badge, but the common Mitsubishi badge is usually used on the rear.

In the United States, its principal competitors are Bering MD, Chevrolet W-Series, GMC W-Series, Isuzu FRR/FSR/FTR and the UD 2000/2300. In Japan, the main competitors are Isuzu Forward, Nissan Diesel/UD Trucks Condor and Hino Ranger.

First Generation (1984–1992)

The first generation Fighter was originally introduced in February 1984 as a successor to the FK series. The appearance design with the smaller Canter and the larger The Great, the model that was one of the image of the Fuso products. Headlight left and right door bet part panel cab after the window is common with The Great. In Export markets, a 4-lamp round headlights was fitted (reter than Japanese square-lamp headlights). In December 1987, it upgraded with a radiator grille upper part to the mounting the panel mall. Turbo engine with 230 horsepower additional intercooler. The FM series was updated in February 1988, in addition to the 4WD-based FL vehicles. February 1990 saw the first year of Heisei emissions compliance. We have changed the design of the radiator grille. In July 1991, changes to the Fighter included a 210-horsepower cars appearance of naturally aspirated engine. Cornering lamps as an option the ABS to FK series along with the standard equipment. In the same year, the catch copy of commercial dubbed "in Japan of the road than anyone, Fuso Fighter". To commercial song, Ken Takakura, Yashiro Aki "Elegy" of is used.

Second Generation (1992–present)

In July 1992, the second generation (known as Furukon Fighter) was introduced to replace the first generation models. Cabin design becomes somewhat round, mellow, change the headlights to variant 4 light of the projector type (export specification square 4-lamp). This light is common goods. The Great final type that appeared in big minor change in 1993. Design of recent side window seen on the track made of Mitsubishi Fuso also began from this model. Door is a dedicated product only truck. Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan appeared in a commercial ads of the Fighter truck. In export markets, it was fitted with a rectangular 4-lamp corner headlights. April 1995 saw the 1994 exhaust emission regulations that was fitted with the Fighter. A load capacity of 7.5 tons and low-floor full-time 4WD come from the FK variants was added in December 1996. In February 1997 the Fighter was updated. The rear wheel Park brake can be installed as an option, as standard equipment in more than GVW11t car. The standard side door beams, an impact-absorbing steering on all models. 200 standard equipped with a hill start assist device "EZGO" the horsepower or more of the type of vehicle. Change the passenger seat window to type hoisting from equation. To abolish the garnish on the fender. The short cab-based Fighter NX was added in 1998. This also become bed length is taken long 305mm have the same overall length as the 4-tons chassis, it has become possible to increase the amount of load (not the load weight). it is almost that is used only as unsuitable a city flights and suburbs flights to long-haul flights the minute the bed is gone. Norika Fujiwara featured in the Fighter NX commercial adds.

On 14 April 1999, the implement the first of minor trucks, dubbed the New Fighter. The exterior design the front of the lighting device class (discharge headlamps of the second generation Fighter and The Great retrofit Allowed a type), fixes the interior design, exterior design with the Super Great has become a common image. In addition, the engine of OHC 6M60 and 6M61 Change in order to meet 1998 exhaust emission regulations, the air bag is equipped. In February 2002, the implementing the improvement, the additional 5-speed automatic and turn lamp headlights, it has increased the standard color variations in nine colors. Also in July the same year the CNG (compressed natural gas) was added to the range. In June 2004, the new short-term regulatory compliance in the Fighter series, with mechanical automatic has been set.

In October 2005, the second minor changes of the Fighter, known as Best One Fighter. Classes only standard equipped with a wedge-type full air brakes more than 11-tons of GVW truck. Exterior and such as to place the first time the headlight to bumper from the company was enhanced and redesigned to texture the interior design. Exterior design has been a thing that reflects the image of the new Super Great concept model from the Fuso Concept. At the same time it was corresponding to the latest safety-related regulations. Also, is adopted Best One system, the position of the head lights (bumper light but there is a basic, cab light specification can also be selected. Cab light specification only type of headlight is within a corner panel), seat upholstery, plating It has become possible to choose the equipment, such as a bumper freely. In 2007 saw the 15 June 2005 exhaust emission regulations (new long-term regulations) was fitted with the Fighter. In September 2008 the all-wheel air suspension added with the Fighter vehicles. In June 2010, sequentially from, and released the post new long-term exhaust gas regulations conformity car. Use of the name "Bluetec technology", (except 20 tons class) to achieve the fit, and further 2015 fiscal weight vehicle fuel economy standards to the post new long-term exhaust gas regulations by using a high combustion efficiency engine + DPF + urea SCR. Mesh grille of the front grille in the design surface. The 8-tons of GVW class as a lineup, and add a six-cylinder engine 220 horsepower. In July 2011, the 8-tons of GVW equipped with a six-cylinder engine 240 horsepower and a six-cylinder engine 270 horsepower has been added, fit in all cars post new long-term exhaust emission regulations.

Body type

  • Fighter mid-size
  • Fighter mid-size NX
  • Fighter mid-size CNG
  • Fighter big-size narrow cab (see big-size wide cab by Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great)
  • Fighter big-size narrow cab 4WD
  • Philippines

  • Fighter FM
  • FM657H
  • FM657N
  • Fire Truck
  • US & Canada

  • Fighter FK
  • FK-MR
  • FK-SR
  • FK-HR
  • FK200
  • FK417
  • Fighter FM
  • FM-HD
  • FM-MR
  • FM-SR
  • FM-HR
  • FM64F
  • FM260
  • FM330
  • FM555
  • FM555F
  • FM617
  • FM617L
  • New Zealand

  • 4X2 Fighter
  • FK200K1
  • FK200K6
  • FK200H6
  • FK250L6
  • FM250H6
  • FM250M6
  • FM250A6
  • FM280H6
  • FM280M6
  • 6x2 Fighter
  • FM220R2
  • FU220R2
  • FU250L6
  • FU250R6
  • FU280U6
  • 6X4 Fighter
  • FN280K6
  • FN280U6
  • Australia

    All models are manual transmission unless stated otherwise.

  • Fighter FK
  • 1024 Auto LWB
  • 1024 Crew Cab MWB
  • 1224 SWB/LWB
  • 1224 Auto SWB
  • 1227 LWB/XLWB
  • 1424 LWB
  • 1427 XLWB
  • Fighter FM
  • 1627 Auto XLWB/XXLWB
  • Fighter FN
  • 2427 XLWB/XXLWB
  • 2427 Auto XLWB/XXLWB
  • Engine

  • 4M50-T5/T6 4.899cc 180HP[T5] 210HP[T6]
  • 6D14 6.557cc 160HP
  • 6D15 6.919cc 170HP
  • 6D16 7.545cc 190HP
  • 6D16-T2 220HP/2800RPM 687Nm/1400rpm
  • 6D16-T7 255HP
  • 6D17 8.201cc 225HP
  • 6M60-T1 7.545cc 240HP/2600RPM 686Nm/1400RPM
  • 6M60-T2 7.5454cc 270HP/2600RPM 785Nm/1400RPM
  • 6M60-T2 7.545cc 280HP/2600RPM 801Nm/1400RPM
  • 6M60-T2(new version) 270HP/2500RPM 785Nm/1100-2400RPM
  • 6M60-T3 7.545cc 220HP/2200RPM 745Nm/1400-2000RPMMotor
  • 4M50-T5/T6 4.899cc 180CV [T5] 210CV [T6] 6D14 6.557cc 160CV 6D15 6.919cc 170CV 6D16 7.545cc 190CV 6D16-T2 220HP/2800RPM 687Nm/1400rpm 6D16-T7 255 hp 6D17 8.201cc 225HP 6M60-T1 7.545cc 240HP/2600RPM 686Nm/1400RPM 6M60-T2 7.545cc 270HP/2600RPM 785Nm/1400RPM 6M60-T2 7.545cc 280HP/2600RPM 801Nm/1400RPM 6M60-T2 7.545cc 270HP/2500RPM 785Nm/1100-2400RPM 6M60-T3 7.545cc 220HP/2200RPM 745Nm/1400-2000RPM 6M61 8.201cc (GNC) 225HP

  • 6M61 8.201cc(CNG)225HP
  • Bore x Stroke :

  • 6D14 110 x 115mm
  • 6D15 113 x 115mm
  • 6D16/6M60 118 x 115mm
  • 6D17/6M61 118 x 125mm
  • References

    Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Wikipedia

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