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Mission 11 July

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Mission 11 July is a Bollywood Hindi film that was released on 15 January 2010. It deals with the sensitive subject of terrorism. People are not born terrorists, wrong influence and brain washing and circumstances make them so, and that is the whole subject of Mission 11 July. That just as wrong influence can make a terrorist, with the right influence maybe people can change and terrorism and killing in the name of religion can come to an end.


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Mission 11 July is a story set in the slum area of Bhandup in India. The story revolves around a simple lower middle class Muslim boy called Shahid (Tarun Khanna), who is very poor but is living a happy existence with his mother (Joyshree Arora) and his beloved girlfriend Raavi (Nattasha Singh) who is a Hindu but the difference in religion does not matter to their love. His life is simple and full of love and laughter till he meets a professor (Pramod Moutho) who starts brainwashing him into believing that Muslims are treated badly and given second hand and low treatment in India.

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Due to his respect and love for the professor and his own past where his father had been killed in the riots when he was a child, Shahid starts getting disturbed by the professors talk and actually starts believing in them, and finally one day, when he sees his dear professor being taken away by the Anti Terrorist Squad, he remembers his own father's death in the communal riots and gets fully convinced that his community is being ill treated in the country where he lives.

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Not realizing that the Professor was a wrong influence and has affected his entire thinking process, he is convinced that the professor has unnecessarily been arrested! He now makes up his mind that the professor was right! He has to become a terrorist to help his kind, the Muslim. He decides to leave his home and his mother and his beloved girlfriend Raavi who try their best to stop him and when they can't, they refuse to stand by his decision to join a group of Jihadis.

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Shahid life changes fully and he becomes as hard as nails thinking that he is doing good for Islam, and saving his people by killing the Hindus.

5 years pass. Killing becomes something he feels he is doing for the good of his people as that's the only way to help them. That's how well the professor had brainwashed him. He never questions the path he's on until the day when everything changes.

Shahid and his partner Aftab (Mukesh Tiwari) have been given the Mission to bomb the Parliament of India in Delhi for which they have to kidnap the Police commissioner's (Vikram Gokhale) family, hence blackmailing and coercing him into driving them to their destination, the Parliament House to which he has free access, in his own car!

They have to spend one night at the Police Commissioners house as their Mission to blow up the Parliament House is planned for the next day, 11 July.

And.. in that one night things turn around once again. Their souls which had fallen asleep are forced to wake up.

The police commissioner Abbas Ali who is also a Muslim has never felt ill-treated in his country,the talks he has with Shahid and Aftab shake their souls up and make them doubt the validity of their Mission. The Commissioner Abbas Ali Baig takes the decision that he won't betray the country he lives in no matter what. He decides he'd rather let his family die than help the terrorists to blow up the Parliament house just to save his family. He is a true Patriot.

On 11 July as they are preparing to leave they hear of another group of terrorists who have bombed the trains in Mumbai 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the people who have died in the bombings are not from any particular caste; they are just Indians.

Shahid and Aftab are shaken up and realize that even though the Commissioner is from the same religion of Islam as them, but still he is ready to die for his country and countrymen because he feels he belongs to his country first.. and they have a change of heart and realize that it's not about which community or caste or religion or even country one belongs to..the ones who die in any terror attack are humans first, they decide to give up their Mission to bomb the Parliament House and surrender themselves to the Indian Police Service.


  • Vikram Gokhale as Police Commissioner Abbas Ali Baig
  • Mukesh Tiwari as Aftab
  • Tarun Khanna as Shahid
  • Nattasha Singh as Raavi
  • Pramod Moutho as The Professor
  • Neena Kulkarni as Police Commissioner's wife
  • Joyshree Arora as Shahid's mother
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