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Chamin Correa

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Origin  Mexico City, Mexico
Role  Guitarist
Name  Chamin Correa

Years active  1950–present
Instruments  El Requinto (Guitar)
Genres  Romantic music
Chamin Correa Concierto a cargo de Jornada Sentimental Tros Invitado
Birth name  Chamin (Benjamin) Correa Perez de Leon
Occupation(s)  Musician, Artist, Record producer
Labels  Producciones Chamin Correa, I.M. Records
Albums  Cuerdas amor y guitarra
Similar People  Dulce, Teo Macero, Flor Silvestre, Didier C Deutsch

Mi vida sin tu amor chamin correa

Chamin Correa, is a Latin-American guitarist from Mexico. He is renowned in the Spanish-speaking world for his traditional romantic music. Member of Los Tres Caballeros together with Roberto Cantoral and Leonel Gálvez from 1954. In 1957 they gained 4 golden discs for being the trio of major success on a global scale.


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He was only 5 years old when his father Don Manuel Escamilla, director of the Fine Arts Symphony, introduced him to the beautiful world of the guitar. Later he took classical guitar lessons with his maternal grandfather Judge Enrique Pérez de León.

Chamin Correa Noticias sobre Chamin Correa El Informador

Chicago Tribune: "Chamin Correa Perez de León learned classical guitar when he was kneehigh from his grandfather and by the time he was 11 he was plugged in and gigging all over Mexico City."

Chamin Correa Noticias sobre Chamin Correa El Informador

His career spans over six decades and he has released 150 records on vinyl and in CD format.

On his own web site there are a number of videos, one shows him singing in a lead role in a black-and-white movie from the 1950s. Another video shows him in a recent concert performing with Gloria Estefan. This shows how long time he has performed at the forefront of the genre of traditional Latin-American music.

Chamin Correa has released many albums, both solo and with groups - including Los Tres Caballeros. He has also recorded with many famous artists, including Dave Brubeck, Joan Baez, Gloria Estefan, José José, Enrique Guzmán, Luis Miguel, Victor Yturbe El Piruli, and Marco Antonio Muñiz. His main instrument is a nylon-stringed concert guitar.

His most popular songs include 'El reloj', 'La barca', 'Donde estás', 'Poquita Fe', 'Regalame esta noche', 'Alma de Cristal' and 'Noche no te vayas'.

Producer, arranger, artist

For thirty years as artistic director he directed and produced with his arrangements for artists such as Enrique Guzman, Oscar Chavez, Julio Iglesias, Tehua, Lucho Gatica, Olga Guillot, Flor Silvestre, Tony Aguilar, Luis Miguel, Gloria Estefan, Simon, Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, Rocio Durcal, Tania Libertad, José José and Victor Iturbe "El Piruli" among others.

In his role as guitarist in IM Records, he sold over 5 million of the instrumental album "Cuerdas, Amor y Guitarra" playing different kinds of guitars such as the fife, acoustics, electro- acoustic, country, steel, electrical and even different types of electric bass. He has been awarded with four golden records and for eight consecutive years "The Golden Guitar" award at the Festival of Pezzaro in Italy.

In May 1967 Correa appeared with Dave Brubeck and his quartet in a series of live performances in Mexico City. The concerts were issued on the album Bravo! Brubeck! in 1967.

Guitars produced branded with his name

Chamin Correa, internationally renowned artist, is currently seen as the best Requinto of America. That is why a line of guitars is produced which bears his name, "Correa Chamin Guitars," and has a wide variety of high quality models supervised by him personally.

Chamin Correa in February 04 2009

February 4, 2009 JORGE SIFUENTES CAÑAS wrote in La Jornada Morelos:

Romanticism and musical sensibility are the ideal characteristics to define an artist as Chamín Correa. The chords of his guitar can come to the most intimate fibers of the public, especially on having interpreted topics as emotive as Reloj y La barca, in addition to other melodies that shaped the whole epoch and captivated entire generations. Along with the trio Los Tres Caballeros, Chamín will perform February 13 a concert in this city (Cuernavaca) with the best of his repertoire, which includes also current topics and covers of other artists. Relaxed, smiling and in a cheerful mood, Chamín Correa stopped in skylight in the press conference that announced the event and said that the boleros will last forever, even if there exist other rhythms and musical currents of fashion.

Roberto Cantoral

Been born in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, June 17, 1935, was one of the Mexican composers of major international reputation. In 1950 he made debut next to his brother Antonio in the Theater Follis; he was also a member of Los Tres Caballeros together with Chamin Correa and Leonel Gálvez. Roberto Cantoral died August 7, 2010 due to a respiratory illness, he was celebrated by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM), of which he was a president of the Managing Advice from 1982.

Solo Releases

  • Cuerdas, Amor, Y Guitarra, Vol. 5(2005)
  • Exitos, Vol. 2 (2002)
  • 30 Grandes Exitos (2000)
  • 20 Exitos (2000)
  • Cuerdas Amor Y Guitarra (2000)
  • Cuerdas Amor Y Guitarra, Vol. 2 (2000)
  • A Mi Amigo Jose (1999)
  • Coleccion de Oro (1999)
  • Bolero (1995)
  • En Vivo, Vol. 1 (?)
  • Appearances

  • El Tri, 4 decadas en vivo (2008)
  • Su Historia y Exitos Musicales, Vol. 1 (2004)
  • Su Historia y Exitos Musicales, Vol. 2 (2004)
  • De Que Manera Te Olvido/Lobo Herido, Vol. 11 (2003)
  • El Principe Con Trio, Vol. 3 (2003)
  • El Principe Con Trio, Vol. 2 (2003)
  • El Principe Con Trio, Vol. 1 (2003)
  • Coleccion RCA: 100 Anos de Musica (2002)
  • Canciones Ineditas de Maria (2001)
  • Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (2001)
  • Dulce Romance (2000)
  • 30 Exitos (2000)
  • 15 Exitos (2000)
  • Latinoamor (2000)
  • 20 Exitos (2000)
  • Lobo Herido (2000)
  • Todo O Nada (1998)
  • Te Deseo Amor, Vol. 2 (1997)
  • Me Vas a Extranar (1994)
  • Te Deseo Amor (1993)
  • Time Signatures: A Career Retrospective (1992)
  • El Dueto Del Siglo (?)
  • Serie Platino (?)
  • Mi Tierra (?)
  • Bravo! Brubeck! (Columbia, live, 1967)
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