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Miboro Dam

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Purpose  Power
Opening date  1961
Impounds  Shō River
Opened  1961
Impound  Shō River
Status  Operational
Type of dam  Embankment, rock-fill
Height  131 m
Construction began  1957
Spillway  3
Miboro Dam
Location  Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Address  Miboro, 白川村 Ono District, Gifu Prefecture 501-5506, Japan
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Miboro dam

Miboro Dam (御母衣ダム, Miboro damu) is a dam on the Shō River in Takayama, in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. It supports a 256 MW hydroelectric power station. Of the nine dams on the Shō River, it is the furthest upstream.


The dam flooded several villages and shrines, submerging them completely, two cherry trees were taken from one of the submerged shrines and placed in Shirakawa-go where it is said that each petal represents a memory from someone who lived in the villages before they were flooded.

Japan from tokyo to takayama


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