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MiR 218 microRNA precursor family

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Symbol  mir-218
miRBase  MI0000294
RNA type  Gene; miRNA
Rfam  RF00255
miRBase family  MIPF0000026
Domain(s)  Eukaryota
MiR-218 microRNA precursor family

miR-218 microRNA precursor is a small non-coding RNA that regulates gene expression by antisense binding.

miR-218 appears to be a vertebrate specific microRNA and has now been predicted and experimentally confirmed in a wide range of vertebrate species. The extents of the hairpin precursors are not known. In this case the mature sequence in excised from the 5'arm of the hairpin.

miR-218 is specifically expressed by mammalian motor neurons during embryonic development into adulthood, and motor neurons lacking expression of miR-218 exhibit hyperexcitability, neuromuscular junction failure, and neurodegeneration, as demonstrated by knockout mouse models.

The involvement of miR-218 in cancer has also been investigated. miR-218, along with miR-585, has been found to be silenced by DNA methylation in oral squamous cell carcinoma. It is also downregulated in Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, with artificially-induced expression serving to slow tumour growth. miR-218 has also been found to have tumour suppressing qualities in bladder cancer cells.


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