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Mexico City (film)

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Director  Richard Shepard
Country  Canada
5.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama, Mystery
Language  English
Mexico City (film) movie poster
Release date  2000
Writer  Richard Shepard, Jonathan Stern (story)
Genres  Action Film, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Crime Fiction, Action/Adventure
Cast  Stacy Edwards (Mitch Cobb), Robert Patrick (Ambassador Mills), Jorge Robles (Pedro), Johnny Zander (Sam), Roberto Sosa (Head Thug)
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Tagline  A Desperate Chase In One Of The Deadliest Cities In The World!

Mexico city movie

Mexico City is a 2000 Canadian film directed and co-written by Richard Shepard. The plot revolves around a woman who has to find her brother who has gone missing in Mexico City.


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The movie begins by showing how the Mexican president's doctor is kidnapped and finally murdered. The reason given is for his opposing political party trying to embarrass him. Mitch Cobb and her brother, Sam, are on their way to Oaxaca to do some exploring. Mitch is not happy in Mexico City; we see in a flash-back why she is with her brother. Here, Mitch confides with Sam the truth about why she is divorced and how her two children were killed in a car wreck. Mitch hates the city and just wants to go back to the Hotel Majestic, near the Zocalo, and sleep until they fly down to Oaxaca the next day. Sam leaves her at the hotel and decides to go visit some bars and drink a little before going to bed. The next morning he has not come back to the hotel. She begins a frantic search. Nobody will help her except Pedro, a taxi driver, who offers to help her look for $100 a day. They finally find the bar where Sam had gone; eventually they even meet his killer, a drug lord, who still has his orange baseball cap and camera. When the US embassy finds out about his camera with film in it, they suddenly take a personal interest in Mitch and now try to be nice to her. The reason is that the president's doctor was murdered behind the same bar where Sam met his murderers, and on the same night. They suspect that he may have photographed the murder scene. He had done just that, and the photographs were strong evidence of the truth. But now Mitch's life is in danger too, because the evil doers want her dead and the pictures. Pedro volunteers to drive her to the Texas border so she will be safe. At 10 kilometers from the border and Mexico City police car stops them. In the ugly exchange that follows Mitch shoots the officer. As she walks across the border she is arrested for that murder. She is forgiven when the photos are finally given to the Mexican president. In an epilogue scene at the end of the movie, she has taken Pedro's advice to start another family; she became a mother to Sam's orphan son; she had found happiness again.


  • Stacy Edwards as Mitch Cobb
  • Jorge Robles as Pedro
  • Johnny Zander as Sam
  • Robert Patrick as Ambassador Mills
  • Carlos Sanz as Lieutenant Menendez
  • Daniel Roebuck as Chris
  • Maura Tierney as Pam on phone (voice)
  • Alexander Gould as Peter Cobb
  • Dyllan Christopher as Max
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