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Country  India
State  Kerala
Literacy  81.3,%

District  Kozhikode
Population  10,960
Memunda Beautiful Landscapes of Memunda

Languages spoken  Malayalam, English

Map of Memunda

Memunda is a small village near Vatakara town in Kozhikode district of Kerala, south India.


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Memunda eid celebrations photos

Fight from memunda


The Story of Thcholi Othenan is related to this place. Many exploits of Tacholi Othenan, the hero of the ballads of north malabar (Vadakkan Pattukal) were held in is the Lokanarkavu, in Memunda . Annual ceremonies are conducted in memory of "Othenan" whose birthplace is Manikoth, Meppayil near Memunda.The famous Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple is situated in this place.


The main attraction of the place is the 'Lokanarkavu Utsavam' (festival) during the months of Vrishchikam (November–December) and Meenam (March–April). The village has three rock-cut caves. The majority of the residents of Memunda are day laborers although there also reside a number of architects, teachers, and telecommuters. There is a rock quarry named Kunnoth Para Quarry.


It is a small village in Kerala is located on the east coast(6 km away) of Arabian Sea at 11°36′N 75°38′E Memunda is surrounded by two hills- Muthappan hill and Valiya Mala.


  • Lokanarkavu(ലോകനാര് കാവ് ക്ഷേത്രം)
  • The Lokanarkavu situated at Memunda 5 km. from Vatakara is a popular temple of North Malabar. This temple is associated with the heroes and heroines of Vadakkanpattu. In the vicinity of the temple there are three rock-cut caves. There are candid murals and carvings adorning the caves. The main deity is Goddess Durga. The festival, locally called Pooram, is celebrated during March/April. There are two temples adjacent to the Lokanarkavu with Vishnu and Shiva as deities. Lokanarkavu goddess is named as Lokanarkavilamma which was the dearest god of Thacholi Othenan a hero of Kadathanadu.

    Siddasramam: Situated near the Payam Kuttimala, in Memunda, Siddasrama is a spiritual centre. Siddasramam has branches in Kerala as well as outside Kerala. Its one of the most popular Sidda Centre of North Malabar.

    Muthappan Kavu, also known as Muthappan Mala, is situated in Memunda, 5 km from Vatakara town. It is a religious as well as tourist place. There come a lot of tourists from outside of India also and every year there is a festival

    Memunda Madham Naga Temple (മേമുണ്ട മഠം ക്ഷേത്രം) It is a very ancient nagakshethram (temple dedicated to snake gods). It is situated east of Memunda town.There are many people in various religious visited in the temple.The special pooja 'Sarpa bali'is very famous.

    Constitutent villages of Memunda

  • Memunda
  • Keezhal
  • Kavil
  • Kuttoth
  • Arakulngara
  • Bankroad
  • Religious places

  • Lokanarkavu,ലോകനാര് കാവ് ക്ഷേത്രം
  • Memunda Madham Shiva Temple,മേമുണ്ട മഠം ക്ഷേത്രം
  • Pattayatt Ambalam,പട്ടയാട്ട് അമ്പലം
  • Siddasramam,സിദ്ധാശ്രമം
  • Moyilothara Siva Temple,മൊയിലോത്തറ ക്ഷേത്രം
  • Memunda Masjidul Muhammadi,മേമുണ്ട പള്ളി
  • Muthappan Kavu,പയം കുറ്റി മുത്തപ്പന് മല
  • Schools and Colleges

    Memunda Higher Secondary School

    The school was established in 1956, foundation stone by Sri EMS Namboothiripad and the higher secondary section was started in 2000. For several years this school won first place and a grade for drama in Kerala school youth festival. Higher secondary section of this School is now the top in Kozhikode Dist.Memunda Higher Secondary School contains UP, High School and Higher Secondary sections. Contact Details PO Memunda, 673104. Tel: 0496-2527465

  • Karuvath LP school
  • Chiravattam LP school
  • MES College :The MES College was established in 2002 and is being run by the Villiappally Muslim cultural Society. The campus is in Valiya Mala, Memunda
  • Ansar Junior College
  • Transportation

    Memunda village connects to other parts of India through Vatakara city on the west and Kuttiady town on the east. National highway No.66 passes through Vatakara and the northern stretch connects to Goa and Mumbai. The southern stretch connects to Cochin and Trivandrum. The eastern Highway going through Kuttiady connects to Mananthavady, Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest airports are at Kannur and Kozhikode. The nearest railway station is at Vatakara.


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