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Matthew Kleban

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Nationality  American
Education  Stanford University
Fields  theoretical physics
Doctoral advisor  Stephen Shenker
Alma mater  Stanford University
Name  Matthew Kleban

Matthew Kleban Matthew Kleban discusses the arrow of time and the evolution of the

Institutions  New York University Institute for Advanced Study

Known for  String theory, Cosmology

music of reality physicist matthew kleban lecture on cosmic bubble collisions

Matthew Benjamin Kleban is an American theoretical physicist who works on string theory and theoretical cosmology. He is an associate professor at New York University, a member of the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, and a former member at the Institute for Advanced Study. His contributions to physics include:


Matthew Kleban Matthew Kleban
  • The discovery of the first distinct signature of the black hole singularity in AdS/CFT (with Lukasz Fidkowski, Veronika Hubeny and Stephen Shenker)
  • Pioneering work on the subtleties of very late-time cosmology in the presence of a positive cosmological constant, and the "Boltzmann brain" problem (with Lisa Dyson and Leonard Susskind)
  • A determination of the effects of cosmic bubble collisions on the microwave background radiation and other cosmological observables.

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    Selected works

  • Fidkowski, Lukasz; Hubeny, Veronika; Kleban, Matthew; Shenker, Stephen (6 February 2004). "The Black Hole Singularity in AdS/CFT". Journal of High Energy Physics. 2004 (2). Bibcode:2004JHEP...02..014F. arXiv:hep-th/0306170 . doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2004/02/014. 
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