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Country  France
Mayor  Gabriel Serville
Area  29,712

Matoury Beautiful Landscapes of Matoury

Map of Matoury

Matoury is a commune of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America.


Matoury Beautiful Landscapes of Matoury

Matoury is a southern suburb of Cayenne, the préfecture and largest city of French Guiana. Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport, the main international airport of French Guiana, is located in the commune of Matoury.

Matoury in the past, History of Matoury

Air Guyane Express has its head office on the grounds of the airport.

Matoury in the past, History of Matoury


Matoury is located in French Guiana situated in South America. It is bordered by 5 communes:

  • Cayenne in the North
  • Rémire-Montjoly in the North-East
  • Roura in the East, South-East and South
  • Montsinéry-Tonnegrande in the West
  • Macouria in the North-West
  • The city used to be called "Tour de l'Isle" because it is bordered by water :

  • Fouillé inlet ( in French "Crique Fouillée") is the limit both with Cayenne and Rémire-Montjoly
  • The river Mahury and the southern part of the river Tour de l'Île are the border with Roura
  • The Northern part of the river Tour de l'Île and the southern part of the Cayenne river are the boundary with Montsinéry-Tonnegrande
  • The Northern part of the Cayenne river is the limit with Macouria
  • Population

    Matoury is a cosmopolitan. Indeed, it is home to Amerindians ( located in Sainte-Rose-de-Lima, Cécilia and Petit-la-Chaumière), to Creols,Metropolitans,Haïtians, Brazilians, Surinamese, Javanese, Chinese, Businenge and people from England Antilles such as St-Lucia.

    Town planning

    The town planning of Matoury is very uneven. Outside the town-centre there are some urbanized areas along the axes leading to Cayenne, Macouria and Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport. Besides, the PROGT, the Balata professional lyceum are surrounded by the forest. However, the city is urbanizing fast as a dormitory town near Cayenne which the main city of French Guiana.

    The main neighbourhoods of Matoury are:

  • Copaya and Barbadine in the town-centre
  • Concorde near the Félix Eboué airport
  • Larivot next to the Larivot harbour
  • Chemin de la Levée
  • Stoupan and Degrad on the river Mahury
  • Sainte-Rose-de-Lima
  • Balata
  • Cogneau-Larivot
  • La Chaumière
  • Accommodation

    Matoury is home to 1178 accommodations among which 78.4% are main home, 7.2% are second home and 13.7% are unoccupied.


    Matoury has a Tropical rainforest climate.


    In 1838, during the colonial era, the District of Matoury was the third of the French Guiana colony thanks to its large and diversely cultivated areas. The main productions were sugarcane, cotton, clove, achiote and pepper.

    Matoury is also home to remains of the past:

  • The Trio fort situated in the Levée location was designed by Vauban and was used to protect the Cayenne Isle, conjointly with the Cépérou and Diamant forts (in Cayenne and Rémire-Montjoly).
  • The Macaye-Duchassis habitation which used to be a cacao and sugar plantation
  • The Lamirande manufacture in Lamirande, next to the PROGT, which used produced sugar and rum between 1927 and 1950.
  • Gabriel Serville has been Mayor of the city since 2014 and deputy to the French National Assembly since 2012.


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