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Massangena District

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Country  Mozambique
Area  7,481 km²
Capital  Massangena
Province  Gaza Province
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Massangena District is a district of Gaza Province in south-western Mozambique. The administrative center of the district is Massangena. The district is located in the north of the province, and borders with Machaze District of Manica Province in the north, Mabote District of Inhambane Province in the east, Chigubo District in the southeast, Chicualacuala District in the south, and with Chiredzi District of Zimbabwe in the west. The area of the district is 7,481 square kilometres (2,888 sq mi). It has a population of 15,637 (2007).


Map of Massangena, Mozambique


The area of the district is shared between drainage basins of the Changane River, a major left tributary of the Limpopo River, and the Save River.

The climate is tropical semi-arid, with the average annual rainfall varying between 500 millimetres (20 in) and 800 millimetres (31 in).


As of 2005, 41% of the population of the district was younger than 15 years. 16% of the population spoke Portuguese. The most common mothertongue among the population was Tsonga. 78% were analphabetic, mostly women.

Administrative divisions

The district is divided into two postos, Massangena (six localities) and Mavué (four localities).


Less than 1% of the households in the district have access to electricity.


In the district, there are 2,500 farms which have on average 2.7 hectares (0.010 sq mi) of land. The main agricultural products are corn, cassava, cowpea, peanut, sweet potato, and rice.


There is a road network in the district which includes about 603 kilometres (375 mi) of secondary roads, mainly connecting Massngena with the rest of the district as well as with Mabote and Chicualacuala.


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