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Mark Dresser

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Birth name
Mark Dresser


Double bass

Mark Dresser

Double bassist, Composer

Bass player ·

University of California, San Diego

The Marks Brothers, Arcado, Force Green, Live In LA

Avant-garde jazz, Free jazz, Free improvisation

Associated acts
Anthony Braxton, John Zorn

Similar People
Gerry Hemingway, Marty Ehrlich, Myra Melford, Alex Cline, Ray Anderson

Mark dresser isb 2013

Mark Dresser (born 1952, Los Angeles, California) is an American double bass player and composer.


Mark Dresser Musicians virtual tour

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Dresser has performed and recorded with many of the luminaries of "new" jazz composition and improvisation. For ten years he performed with the Anthony Braxton Quartet, as well as diverse groups led by Ray Anderson, Tim Berne, Jane Ira Bloom, Anthony Davis, Gerry Hemingway, John Zorn, and others. He has made over sixty recordings.

Mark Dresser Department of Music

He has received grants from New York Foundation for the Arts and Meet the Composer, as well as fellowships to the MacDowell Colony and Civitella Ranieri. He holds both B.A. and M.A. degrees in music from the University of California San Diego where he studied contrabass with Bertram Turetzky. He was awarded a 1983 Fulbright Fellowship for advanced contrabass study with Maestro Franco Petracchi.

Mark Dresser Mark Dresser Solo Bass Unveil Misterioso

Dresser has been composing and performing solo contrabass and ensemble music professionally since 1972 throughout North America, Europe and the Far East. His own projects include Mark Dresser's "Force Green," and the Mark Dresser Trio, performing his music for the French surrealist film masterpiece of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, Un chien andalou as well as the German expressionist silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Mark Dresser Nameless Sound Mark Dresser

Additional original solo bass music was composed for the New York Shakespeare Festival Production of Henry VI. Collaborative projects include The Double Trio, composed of the "Arcado String Trio" and the Trio du Clarinettes.

He was commissioned by the Banliues Bleues Festival in Paris to premier Dresser's composition Bosnia, later recorded by the "Double Trio" as Green Dolphy Street on Enja Records. A founding member of the Arcado String Trio, he also received a commission from WDR Radio of Cologne, Germany in 1991 to compose For Not the Law, an extended work for string trio and orchestra. Released by JMT Records, For Three Strings and Orchestra, is the third of five albums recorded by Arcado. In 1992, Dresser composed and performed Armadillo, for Arcado and the WDR Big Band. In 1995, The Banquet, a double concert for various flutes and contrabass with string quartet was written and commissioned by Swiss flute virtuoso Matthias Ziegler.

As leader

  • 1994 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Knitting Factory)
  • 1995 Invocation (Knitting Factory)
  • 1997 Banquet (Tzadik)
  • 1998 Eye'll Be Seeing You (Knitting Factory)
  • 1999 Sonomondo (Cryptogramophone)
  • 2000 C/D/E (PAO Records)
  • 2000 Full Metal Quartet (OWL Records)
  • 2000 Marinade (Tzadik)
  • 2000 Later (Les Disques Victo)
  • 2000 The Marks Brothers (W.E.R.F.)
  • 2000 Sonomondo (Cryptogramophone)
  • 2001 Reunion: Live at the Guelph Jazz Festival (Intrepid Ear)
  • 2001 Duologues (Intrepid Ear)
  • 2002 Aquifer (Cryptogramophone)
  • 2003 Nine Songs Together (CIMP)
  • 2003 Tone Time (Wobbly Rail)
  • 2005 Time Changes with Denman Maroney (Cryptogramophone)
  • 2005 Unveil (Clean Feed)
  • 2006 Airwalkers (Clean Feed)
  • 2006 Metal Rat (Clean Feed)
  • 2008 House Of Mirrors (Clean Feed)
  • 2008 Duetto (CIMP)
  • 2009 Starmelodics (Nuscope)
  • 2009 Deep Tones for Peace (Kadima Collective) CD/DVD
  • 2009 Live In Concert (Kadima Collective)
  • 2010 Live At Lotus (Kadima Collective)
  • 2010 Soul To Soul (Intolerancia)
  • 2010 Guts (Kadima Collective) CD/DVD
  • 2011 Synastry (PI Recordings)
  • 2011 Live In L.A. (Clean Feed)
  • 2011 Sonic Brotherhood (Kadima Collective)
  • 2013 Nourishments (Clean Feed)
  • 2014 Code Read (Hopscotch Records)
  • 2015 Projections (Clean Feed)
  • 2016 Equal Poise (Leo Records)
  • With Arcado String Trio

  • Arcado (JMT, 1989)
  • Behind the Myth (JMT, 1990)
  • For Three Strings and Orchestra (JMT, 1992)
  • Green Dolphy Suite (Enja, 1995)
  • Live in Europe (Avant, 1996)
  • As sideman

    With Tim Berne

  • Tim Berne's Fractured Fairy Tales (JMT, 1989)
  • Pace Yourself (JMT, 1991)
  • Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill) (JMT, 1993)
  • Nice View (JMT, 1994)
  • With Jane Ira Bloom

  • The Red Quartets, 1999
  • Sometimes the Magic, 2001
  • Chasing Paint, 2003
  • Like Silver, Like Song, 2004
  • With Anthony Braxton

  • Quartet (London) 1985 (Leo, 1985 [1988])
  • Quartet (Birmingham) 1985 (Leo, 1985 [1990])
  • Quartet (Coventry) 1985 (Leo, 1985 [1993])
  • Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986 (Black Saint, 1986)
  • Willisau (Quartet) 1991 (hatART, 1991)
  • (Victoriaville) 1992 (Victo, 1993)
  • Twelve Compositions (Music & Arts, 1993)
  • Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993 (hatART, 1993 [1997])
  • With Alex Cline

  • For People in Sorrow (Cryptogramophone, 2013)
  • With Nels Cline

  • The Inkling (Cryptogramophone, 2000)
  • With Marilyn Crispell

  • The Kitchen Concert (Leo, 1991)
  • With Dave Douglas

  • Parallel Worlds (Soul Note, 1993)
  • Five (Soul Note, 1996)
  • Sanctuary (Avant, 1997)
  • With Russ Lossing

  • Metal Rat (Clean Feed, 2000)
  • With Joe Lovano

  • Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascination Edition Two (Blue Note, 2000)
  • With Tisziji Munoz

  • Auspicious Healing (Anami Music, 2000)
  • With James Newton

  • Binu (Circle, 1977)
  • With Hank Roberts

  • Black Pastels (JMT, 1988)
  • With John Zorn

  • Spy vs Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman (1988, Nonesuch)
  • With Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi

  • Hot Pstromi: With A Little Horseradish on the Side (Global Village)
  • Garden of Yidn (Naxos)
  • Klezmer: Cafe Jew Zoo (Naxos)
  • Dveykes (Adhesion) (Global Village)
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