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Mark Ayres

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Mark Ayres


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Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans

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Mark Ayres (Born 1961) is a television composer who is best known for providing incidental music on the original series of Doctor Who. Ayres's work on broadcast Doctor Who was during Sylvester McCoy's era as the Seventh Doctor, comprising The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ghost Light, and The Curse of Fenric. Ayres was hired after he sent producer John Nathan-Turner a demonstration video containing music he had written to accompany Remembrance of the Daleks. Like most Doctor Who incidental music composers during the 1980s, Ayres created the music electronically, principally using digital synthesisers and samplers.


Ayres was also involved in the last days of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, cataloguing and archiving their recordings for future use. As part of the BBC's unofficial Doctor Who Restoration Team, Ayres has also done much of the audio restoration work for the later VHS Doctor Who releases, as well as many of the DVD releases, and all of the "Missing Soundtrack" CD releases since 1999. Additionally, he edited the "Special Edition" of The Curse of Fenric, which restored much footage which was originally cut for time, along with some new special effects and a complete remix of the soundtrack. It is available along with the original on the BBC DVD release.

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