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Mang (caste)

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Mang (caste)

The Mang or Matang (Minimadig in Gujarat and Rajasthan) community is an Indian caste, historically associated with low-status or ritually impure professions such as village musicians, cattle castraters, leather curers, midwives, hangmen, undertakers. Their origins lie in the Narmada Valley of India. In the modern day they are listed as a Scheduled Caste.


Social status

In the early 20th century, the Mang began to form caste associations to advocate their cause, such as the Matang Samaj (1932) and Matang Society (1923). Although the umbrella term Dalit has been claimed by various untouchable communities classified as Scheduled Castes as a means to define themselves, the Mang are among the communities that prefer to be known instead by their caste name.


  • Annabhau Sathe, Maharashtra social reformer,Poet,writer
  • Lahuji Raghoji Salve, Maharashtra social reformer
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