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Mammillaria marksiana

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Cactaceae
Tribe  Cacteae
Rank  Species
Order  Caryophyllales
Subfamily  Cactoideae
Genus  Mammillaria
Mammillaria marksiana wwwcactusartbizschedeMAMMILLARIAMammillaria
Similar  Mammillaria melanocentra, Mammillaria schiedeana, Mammillaria microhelia, Mammillaria compressa, Mammillaria bombycina

Mammillaria marksiana is a cactus in the genus Mammillaria belonging to the family Cactaceae.



Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria marksiana

Mammillaria marksiana is a perennial, green, fleshy and globose plant, with leaves transformed into thorns. It can reach a diameter of 5–12 millimetres (0.20–0.47 in) and a height of 6–15 millimetres (0.24–0.59 in). With age it becomes slightly column-shaped and begins to shoots. The tubercles are pyramidal, approximately four-sided. Radial and central spines are variable in number from 4 to 21. They are thin, needle-shaped, golden-yellow to brown, 5–8 millimetres (0.20–0.31 in) in length. The blooming area is usually covered by snow-white wool. The funnel-shaped flowers are green or lemon-yellow and reach a size of about 1.5 cm. Flowering period in Europe extends from late winter to early spring. The fruits are dark-purple, club-shaped, up to 2 inches long and contain small brown seeds.


This species is endemic to western Mexico (states of Durango, Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa).


Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria marksiana

The natural habitat of Mammillaria marksiana are the arid deserts, this plant mainly grows in the mountain range east of the Sierra Madre, at an altitude of 400–2,000 metres (1,300–6,600 ft) above sea level. This cactus has spread throughout the world as an ornamental plant.

Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria marksiana 39YELLOW39
Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria marksiana Wikipedia la enciclopedia libre
Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria marksiana
Mammillaria marksiana


Mammillaria marksiana Wikipedia

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