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Malapterurus electricus

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Kingdom  Animalia
Genus  Malapterurus
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Family  Malapteruridae
Scientific name  Malapterurus electricus
Higher classification  Malapterurus
Order  Catfish
Malapterurus electricus Malapterurus Wikipedia
Similar  Malapterurus, Electric catfish, Catfish, Electric eel, Electric ray

Malapterurus electricus feeding

Malapterurus electricus is a species of electric catfish that occurs widely in Africa. This species grows to a length of 122 centimetres (48 in) SL. This species is important for subsistence fisheries and as a gamefish. This is also the most common of the electric catfish to appear in the pet trade.


Malapterurus electricus Electric catfish Malapterurus electricus Biopix photoimage 33505

Electric catfish malapterurus electricus

In the aquarium

Malapterurus electricus FileMalapterurus electricus 2jpg Wikimedia Commons

Malapterurus electricus is sometimes encountered in aquarium supply stores. It can reach a maximum length of over 1 meter in the wild, but has an average size of 12 inches in the aquarium. It is quite hardy and greedily accepts most foods, although some experimentation may be required to find the best food. The only other animals that are compatible with this species are snails, which they will ignore. A minimum aquarium size of 55 gallons is required, with bogwood or pieces of PVC pipe. They are active burrowers and will often remove the gravel from under their favorite hiding spot. A minimum temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary. Illegal in Florida .

Zoos in North America

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  • Toronto Zoo

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    Malapterurus electricus Wikipedia

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