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Makhdoom Pur Pahuran

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Makhdoom Pur Pahuran
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Makhdum Pur Pahoran or Makhdum Pur (Urdu: مخدُوم پُور پہوڑاں‎), is an ancient city near Tulamba in the district of Khanewal, Punjab, Pakistan. Makhdum Pur Pahuran has population of over 70,000. The speciality of this city is making bed sheets and wearing cloth of many kinds.


This city is situated between Tulamba and Kabirwala. This city has 5 main bazars, a railway station, bus station, municipal office, health clinic, police station, and post office. Makhdum Pur Pahoran is one of the historic places of Province Punjab. Gurdwara Makhdum Pur a religious place of Hindus and a beautiful monument, witnesses it being a historic place. Now this historic building is a part of Govt. Higher Secondry School Makhdum Pur Pahoran. Khaddi , Basmati Rice ,Khaddar, Clay pots, embroidery, wood carving and Agronomy are the great heritage and Symbol of Makhdum Pur. Khan Pahore family and most respected and popular persons here. Haji Muhammad Ramzan Gehla , Ahmed Nadeem Gehla Advocate , Basheer Gehla Social worker , Sahir Yasin (Singer,RJ,Mimicry Artist,Future of Pakistani Music industry),Haji Akram Khan, Ziadat Ali khan, Ajmal Khan, Amman Ullah Khan, Habib Ullah Khan, Ahmad Nawaz khan are the most popular personalities of this City. In town Ansari , Malik Teeli families make a good proportion of the town , while Pahore , Gehla Jats and Rajpoots are the influential families.

Ethnic group

80% of the population speak the Jhangvi dialect of Punjabi and Urdu; the educated also speak English. The ethnic groups include Pahore Khan, Gehla & Mimbra Jats and Rajputs. The four major clans in Makhdoom Pur Pahuran are the Pahore Khan, Malik and Ansari, Sathou and the majority belong to the Pahore Khan family.


Almost 50% of the younger generation is educated; there are many schools and colleges in Makhdoom Pur Pahuran.


The population is predominantly Muslim. There are several Mosques in the town. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while many Muslims refugees from India settled down in the Makhdoom Pur Pahuran.

According to legends, Sikh founder Gurunanak visited the Makhdoom Pur Pahuran and Gurdwara Makhdoom Pur Pahoran located in the town.


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