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Country  Guyana
Local time  Saturday 1:00 AM
Region  Demerara
Weather  25°C, Wind NE at 10 km/h, 85% Humidity

Slingshot mashing in mahaicony

Mahaicony is a community that is made up several villages on the East Coast in the County of Demerara and Region 5 Mahaica Berbice of Guyana, located at 06°33′N 57°48′W. In other words, Mahaicony's boundary on the coast is from De Hoop on the west and Calcutta on the east.


Map of Mahaicony, Guyana

Perth guyana driving from mahaicony central into perth

Economic Activity

Fishing, farming and hunting are three of the oldest economic activities in the world. In Mahaicony these are still the most popular way of life for the residents. The area produces over 15,000 metric tons of paddy rice each year.

The activities of the community are usually affected by flooding during the rainy season and the drying up of ponds during the dry season.


There is a secondary school named Mahaicony Secondary School. However, Novar, a nearby village also has a school that provides secondary education, but it is not a secondary school. Over crowded classrooms is one of several problems faced by both teachers and students of Mahaicony Secondary School. Despite these limitations, Mahaicony Secondary School has been achieving high-percentage passes in all subject areas.

In the surrounding area primary schools are scattered around from Mahaicony, Zeeland in the west to Calcutta in the east to Mora Point in the deep south. Access to primary education is not a problem but the culture of the community is that teens take the agricultural fields at an early age, hence, fewer attend secondary school. The general conception is that somebody has to do the farming.

Health Care

The Government of Guyana has recently renovated the District Hospital. Along with the renovation came an upgrade of the equipment and other facilities at the hospital. Many people welcome the upgrade and would like that the GoG upkeep the current state of the hospital and further improving it. However, more nurses are needed.

There are several health centers across the area. Access to basic healthcare is not a problem.


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