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Maduve Mane

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Genre  Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country  India
Director  Sunil Kumar Singh
Running time  2h 16m
Language  Kannada
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Release date  4 November 2011 (2011-11-04)
Initial release  November 4, 2011 (Karnataka)
Songs  Idena
Cast  Shraddha Arya (Suma), Ganesh (Suraj), Avinash (Dushyantha), Sharan, Tabla Nani

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Maduve Mane (Kannada: ಮದುವೆ ಮನೆ) (English : Wedding House) is a 2011 Indian Kannada language film in the romantic comedy genre starring Ganesh and Shradha Arya in the lead roles. The film was directed by Sunil Kumar Singh and produced by H. A. Rahman under the banner J. J. International. The music of the film was composed by Manikanth Kadri.


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  • Ganesh as Suraj
  • Shradha Arya as Suma
  • Tabla Nani
  • Sharan
  • Plot

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    Suraj,(Ganesh), a funny and loveable character, bumps into Suma,(Shradha Arya),( in a train ) who is to marry Dushyantha, a police inspector. Throughout the journey on the train, Suraj attempts to woo her and ends up getting invited to her wedding. Till the last minutes before her wedding, Suraj tries to woo Suma but she is very fond of Dushyantha and doesn't fall for him. When Dushyantha is about to tie the knot with Suma, he suddenly walks out of the building while dragging Suma along with everyone, including Suraj, watching. He then orders Suma and Suraj to get into a jeep and to not stop driving at any cost. Dushyantha tell everyone that he got an anonymous phone call telling him that, someone has planted bombs in the jeep and in and outside the building. Although after checking they relies it was just some mini bulbs planted and not bombs. Meanwhile, Suraj and Suma's jeep is runs out of fuel, so they grab hold of an overhead branch and are saved, but are stuck in a forest. Dushyantha demands his crew to track down the anonymous phone caller. Back in the forest, Suraj and Suma start bonding while finding here way back. Twenty four hours pass without a sign of Suma or Suraj. Although Dushyantha receives calls from the anonymous caller who is none other then Suraj, which Suma catches red handed and Dushyantha identifies. Suma and Suraj reach a village which is actually Suraj's home town where he revels about Preeti, his late sister who was killed by Dushyantha. He also revels how corrupt and uncivilized Dushyantha is. Dushyantha then arrives at Suraj's home and revels to him privately about himself, unaware that he is being filmed. Suraj then plays his video at Dushyantha and Suma's wedding, where Suraj had come to save a little girl from this village from Dushyantha. Dushyantha is arrested. Suma, her family, Suraj and the little girl are at the train station, where the little girl promise to achieve what Preeti was headed to do( she had been selected to be a part of NASA and was going there when she got shot ). Just before the movie finishes Suma and Suraj unite.


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    The film was earlier rumored to be a remake of Hindi blockbuster film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. However the team dismissed the rumors and declared that this film is an adaptation of Ramayana in the modern times.

    Box office

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    The film received average reviews from critics and was box office failure

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