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Machine Gun Fellatio

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Origin  Australia (1997)
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Years active  1997 (1997)–2005 (2005)
Past members  Bryan FerrysexualChit Chat Von Loopin StabKK JuggyLoveSharkPinky BeecroftThe Widow JonesFeyonce3k Short
Members  Pinky Beecroft, Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab, Connie Mitchell
Genres  alternative rock, experimental music
Albums  Paging Mr Strike, On Ice, Bring It On!, Impossible Love EP, The Essential Hits

Machine Gun Fellatio was an Australian Alternative rock band, formed in 1997. They were well known for their provocative on-stage antics and humorous lyrics, as well as the musical merit of their songs. Their outrage-provoking name (coined by an early associate of the band who devised the term from a philosophy exercise) gives some idea of the attitude that pervades the band's work. They released three studio albums, three EPs and three singles before breaking up in 2005.



Machine gun fellatio 01 the girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares

Machine Gun Fellatio - Unsent Letter (Official Music Video)


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Machine Gun Fellatio were formed when members of two Sydney bands, Vrag and Limebunny, combined in 1997. The bands had previously collaborated on projects and had released a compilation record, Unsound Sounds, which included a track by Vrag, "Isaac or Fuzz". "Isaac or Fuzz" consists of parts of a voice message left on a record company answering machine asking for the name of the song that goes "Da da da da...." (the song consists mostly humming of the tune "Reach Up" by the Paul Oakenfold-related project Perfecto Allstarz) put to a fast dance beat. In an interview Glenn Dormand (aka Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab) explained "We got a wrong number on our answering machine. We rang the number back. It was a local Pizza Hut. Basically, they said 'Isaac hasn't been here for a long time, and Fuzz isn't reliable either'." The song received significant airplay on national youth broadcaster Triple J. To capitalise on the success of the song they consolidated the band lineup, with Dave Arroyo and Glenn Dormand (Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab) on vocals and keyboards, Warrick Leggo (LoveShark) on guitar and Ross Johnston (3kShort) on bass, guitar and keyboards, and released their debut EP Love Comes To An End.

Machine Gun Fellatio Bring It On Machine Gun Fellatio album Wikipedia

There were reportedly less than 500 copies of Love Comes To An End in existence, Matt Ford, (Pinky Beecroft) once stated in an interview they dumped boxes of their first EP in a skip when they realized they would never sell them. This EP is also referred to as Isaac or Fuzz, after their record label stuck stickers proclaiming that it contained the single "Isaac Or Fuzz" to try to increase sales by capitalising on the air play of the song on Triple J.

Machine Gun Fellatio Machine Gun Fellatio

Ford later joined the band as singer, keyboardist, after leaving Limebunny and turning down an offer to join the band The Whitlams, with whom he helped write their hit song, "No Aphrodisiac", together with Dormand. The band was also joined by Christa Hughes (KK Juggy – the Ks standing for "knickers" and "knockers"), Glenn Abbott (Bryan Ferrysexual) on drums and Maree Bonner (The Widow Jones) on vocals and keyboards completing the band's line-up.

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Their first release under this arrangement was the song "Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle". The lyrics were apparently based on something sung by a party guest at one of the member's homes. This, and another song released to radio, "Unsent Letter", were very popular with listeners of the radio station Triple J. They released their debut studio album, Bring It On, on Mushroom Records in the following year.

In 2002, they performed live at the Big Day Out festivals, and played at many others, including Homebake, Livid, the Woodford Folk Festival and Gone South. Their second album Paging Mr. Strike was released in the same year, containing the band's most popular single, "Rollercoaster", which displayed more radio-friendly lyrics and was used in a commercial for Just Jeans. In 2003 the album was followed by a two-disc edition titled 2nd Page for Mr. Strike, which contained a second disc of remixes and rare tracks.

The group caused some controversy for their wild live performances which often involved both male and female nudity, light bondage gear and implied sexual intercourse with their instruments. After a Student Union organised performance at the University of Melbourne, fellow Victorian universities RMIT University and Swinburne University of Technology cancelled their scheduled performances because of the band's lewd behaviour at Melbourne University. This did not stop other Australian universities in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania allowing the band to perform on their campuses and did not stop Melbourne University hiring the band again the following year.

The Widow Jones left the group in 2004 and was replaced by Connie Mitchell (Feyonce), who later became known as the lead singer of Sneaky Sound System. Pinky Beecroft moved to Melbourne to get away from the band and to deal with drug-related health problems. The band's last album, On Ice, was released the same year and was met with a relatively muted response and the band decided to break up the following year.

After the split

Since the split, various band members have since moved on to other projects:

  • Pinky Beecroft formed Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians, whose name was later shortened to just The White Russians.
  • 3kShort tours with White Knuckle Fever a duet he formed with Celia Curtis of Circus Bizarre and performs with Vashti Hughes in her show Mum's In.
  • LoveShark formed the Outer Space Cowboys with 3kShort and played gigs around Sydney.
  • Chit Chat Von Loopinstab now hosts many programs on the adult-oriented Australian cable music channel, MusicMAX.
  • KK Juggy frequently appears on the Big Day Out's Lilyworld (formerly Lilypad) stage, hosting burlesque shows and other similar ventures. She performed as a member of the highly regarded circus troupe Circus Oz for three years then toured and released an album of jazz and blues classics with her father Dick Hughes. Most recently she has released an album of music with her band the Honky Tonk Shonks.
  • Bryan Ferrysexual (Glenn Abbott) had another band The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience which broke up shortly after MGF did. He later formed Super Massive with singer-writer Malina Hamilton-Smith.
  • Feyonce (Connie Mitchell) has since gone on to be one of the lead singers of the Sydney-based band Sneaky Sound System.
  • Members

  • Bryan Ferrysexual (Glenn Abbott)—drums
  • Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab (Glenn Dormand)—keyboard and vocals
  • KK Juggy (Christa Hughes)—vocals
  • LoveShark (Warrick Leggo)—guitar
  • Pinky Beecroft (Matt Ford)—vocals and keyboards
  • 3kShort (Ross Johnston)—bass, guitar and keyboard
  • The Widow Jones (Maree Bonner)—vocals and keyboard (left in 2004)
  • Feyonce (Connie Mitchell)—vocals (2004–2005)
  • Jack Hammer (Guy Fleming)—vocals and keyboard (1997)
  • Chris Fegan—guitar (1997)
  • Songs

    Unsent LetterBring It On! · 2000
    Pussy TownPaging Mr Strike · 2002
    The Girl of My DreamsPaging Mr Strike · 2002


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