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MC Pedrinho

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Birth name
Pedro Maia Tempester


Years active

MC Pedrinho

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3 May 2002Cabreuva, Sao Paulo (

Melody (Brazilian singer), Anitta (singer), MC Pikachu

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Pedro Maia (born May 3, 2002), better known by the stage name MC Pedrinho is a Brazilian singer, nationally known for the song "Dom Dom Dom", which has more than twenty million views in their official video. Pedrinho is nationally known for singing songs with sexual lyrics, considered unsuitable for his age. His songs have experienced an attempted ban by prosecutors within the national territory.


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Personal life

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Pedro began his career at age 12 in 2014, but was singing in a bazaar in Vila Maria, a neighborhood in the North Zone of São Paulo, at eight, influenced by the popularity of the genre in the environment. The first Pedrinho music that has knowledge was precisely its most successful entitled "Dom Dom Dom", with the participation of MC Livinho, which is clearly related to oral sex in the verse "If kneels, prepares and makes a blowjob good." This song was released when Pedrinho was only eleven years old, a fact that was not well received by the media. A few months later, Pedrinho launched a light version of the song in a video clip produced by Rio Tom Productions, without sex references. After this, he said in an interview that he would sing the pop music genre. He followed this path for a long time and continued with the so-called "daring funk".

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One of his songs which also was successful and ended up being directed more toward the funk fanfare was the "Differentiated Life" song with the participation of the renowned MC Léo da Baixada. According to an interview with G1 portal, Pedrinho says the funk you enabled a huge improvement in living conditions, and as a child went hungry. Among his other hit songs along the lines of proibidão are "Hit do Verão", "Matemática" and "Geometria da Putaria" which placed it as a major funk scene revelations in 2015. His page on Facebook accumulates about 2.5 million fans.

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Pedrinho just gaining prominence in the media after the Children and Youth Court, at the request of the prosecution, cancel a show that would be held in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, considering the inadequate music for your age. The claim of the prosecutor Luciano Tonet would be Pedrinho would have a "musical repertoire endowed with clear sexual connotation, high erotic content, pornography, profanity and all kinds of vulgarity, incompatible with the specific conditions of the developing person". The next day, the prosecutor expressed the desire to ban the singer's songs throughout the national territory on the grounds of "a model for others". However, the singer does not influenced by attempting to ban and only three days after released another song with sexual content. Despite criticism to the letters of Pedrinho, his mother, Analee Maia, said the supports in every way, but he prefers the songs no swearing; another curious fact is that it has said in several interviews he never made out.


MC Pedrinho Palavro no deixo cantar diz pai de MC de 12 anos 27042014
  1. "Dom Dom Dom" (featuring MC Livinho)
  2. "Dom Dom Dom (versão light)"
  3. "Especialmente Pras Elas (featuring MC PH)
  4. "Ela e Doida"
  5. "Matemática"
  6. "Hum, Tá da Hora (Maravilha, Tá Legal)"
  7. "Planeta da Putaria"
  8. "Geometria da Putaria"
  9. "Senta e Contrai"
  10. "Vida Diferenciada" (featuring MC Léo da Baixada)
  11. "Se Prepara (featuring MC Livinho)
  12. "Prepara Novinha" (featuring MC Kevin)
  13. "Na Perereca" (featuring MC Menor da VG)
  14. "Menino Sonhador"
  15. “Nosso Amor”
  16. “Linda Morena”


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