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Luciano da Fontoura Costa

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Name  Luciano Fontoura

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Books  Shape Analysis and Classification: Theory and Practice

Luciano da Fontoura Costa (born December 1962 in São Carlos, SP, Brazil) is a full professor at the Institute of Physics at São Carlos, University of São Paulo, where he coordinates the Multidisciplinary Computing Group.



Luciano received his BSc in Electronic Engineering in 1985 from the University of São Paulo, his MSc in Applied Physics (Univ. São Paulo), and his PhD in Electronic Engineering from King's College, University of London.

He was elected Visiting Scholar by St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge, UK (2008), and is a member of the Konrad Lorenz Institute, Austria. Costa has participated in several international projects, including a Human Frontiers Grant with the Salk Institute and the University of Vienna.


His main research interests include complex networks, image analysis, pattern recognition, scientific visualization and digital signal processing. He studied the relationship between neuronal shape, connectivity, and dynamics, including percolation studies.


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