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Love Song (band)

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Years active  1970-present
Genres  Rock, Pop
Active until  1976
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Associated acts  The Castells The Hondells Tommy Coomes Band The Surfaris
Origin  Costa Mesa, California, United States (1968)
Albums  A Day for Love (Special Valentine's Day Selection - Acoustic Versions of Love Songs)
Record labels  Equilibrium, Aqua Purha, Piano Bar Music Records
Similar  Chuck Girard, Jay Truax, John Mehler, Phil Keaggy, Children of the Day

Love Song was one of the main Jesus music bands, one of the first Christian rock bands. It was founded in 1970 by Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax, and Fred Field. Additionally, the earliest members included David Ingram on keyboards, Ernie Earnshaw on drums and Jack Schaeffer on bass. It was Schaeffer who came up with the group's name. Denny Correll, formerly of Blues Image and Carlos Luevano, lead guitarist for Stonehenge band, also worked with the group early on. Field was replaced by Bob Wall, who played guitar on all three albums. Drummer John Mehler, who had joined the fledgling group in its infancy, then left with Field, rejoined in time to play on Final Touch and Feel the Love. Another latter-day member was Phil Keaggy, who joined to replace departing Wall in 1973 but had already left the group before the recording of Final Touch and Feel the Love.


They were a part of the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, coming out of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. Their classic debut album, Love Song (1972), is considered one of the greatest Christian music albums of all time. The group toured heavily in the early 1970s, becoming very popular both in the US and abroad. By 1976, the Jesus Movement was being replaced by Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) as the leading style of Christian rock, and it was becoming more business than ministry. Many of the bands that had started the movement began to break up, and after a final "Reunion Tour" in 1976 which resulted in the Feel the Love double live album, Love Song was no more.

Many of the original members continued with solo careers and a few are still performing today. In 1994, the band recorded another reunion album, Welcome Back which included new versions of the songs off the first three albums.

Love Song has released a box-set containing their first three albums plus a DVD of their 1973 concert in San Antonio. All original tapes on all three projects (Love Song, Final Touch, and the live Feel the Love albums) have been re-mastered at Mastering Lab. Recording engineer Bill Schnee assisted Tommy Coomes and Chuck Girard in the work. The drum solo has been re-included in the live album, which will mark the first time that there has been a full digitally re-mastered version of that album.

Love Song started a reunion tour in 2010 with Calvary Chapel founding Pastor Chuck Smith touring throughout the U.S..


  • Love Song (1972)
  • Final Touch (1974)
  • Feel the Love (1977) - double live album
  • Welcome Back (1994)
  • Love Song: The Book of Love Box Set (2010) contains three original albums plus a DVD of early 1973 concert and a CD of demo sessions titled The Early Years.
  • Reissues

  • Love Song (2010) Remastered
  • Final Touch (2010) Remastered
  • Feel the Love (2010) Remastered - double live album. Now includes "Solo drum"
  • Videos

  • Live In San Antonio '73-DVD (2010) Includes Live performance, photos and footage of a baptism led by Pastor Chuck Smith
  • Compilations

  • First Love (1998) Various Artists
  • Songs

    Front Seat - Back SeatWelcome Back · 2009
    Little Country ChurchWelcome Back · 2009
    Feel The LoveWelcome Back · 2009


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