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Lotus Lantern

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6.2/101 Votes Alchetron
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6.3/10 MyAnimeList

Genre  Animation
Budget  21 million CNY
Country  Peoples Republic of China
6.1/10 IMDb

Director  Guang Xi Chang
Music director  Fuzai Jin
Screenplay  Dawei Wang
Writer  Dawei Wang
Language  Mandarin
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Release date  2005
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Lotus Lantern (Chinese: 宝莲灯; pinyin: Băo lián dēng) is a Chinese animated feature film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio.


Lotus Code movie poster

lotus lantern


Lotus Lantern Chinese Legend The Magical Lotus Lantern Vision Times

The story is based on the traditional Chinese folklore about a boy named Chenxiang. His mother, Sanshengmu, was a goddess and his father, Liu Yanchang, was a mortal. Since their marriage was forbidden, his maternal uncle, Erlang Shen, who was a god, punishes them by killing Liu Yanchang. Sanshengmu escapes and gives birth, but Chenxiang grows up without knowledge of his ancestry. Sanshengmu possesses a magical Lotus Lantern whose light can scare away evil. When Erlang Shen, a strict and powerful god, kidnaps Chenxiang, Sanshengmu fights to save him.

Unfortunately, Erlang Shen is victorious and Chenxiang is forced to live in his palace on the sacred mountains. Erlang Shen then imprisons Sanshengmu beneath a mountain for her crimes. Although he is quite young, Chenxiang manages to escape from the palace, taking the magical lotus lantern that Sanshengmu lost during the battle.

After surviving adventures with many beloved characters of Chinese mythology, Chenxiang finally matures into a courageous young man who must battle Erlang Shen to win Sanshengmu's freedom and fall in love at the same time.

Main characters

  • Chenxiang: Half-god boy. His mother is a goddess and his father is a mortal. He gets through tons of adventures to win his mother's freedom from his evil uncle Er langshen.
  • Sanshengmu: Powerful Goddess who possesses a magical lotus lantern. She fell in love with a mortal and gave birth to Chen xiang. For which she is imprisoned beneath Hua Mountain.
  • Er langshen: Er-lang Shen may be a deified version of several semi-mythical folk heroes who help regulate China's torrential floods, dating variously from the Qin, Sui and Jin dynasties. A later Buddhist source identify him as the second son of the Northern Heavenly King Vaishravana.
  • Background

    The production took four years and required over 150,000 animation cels and over 2,000 painted backgrounds. It was the most popular film in China in 1999 and influenced china's animation a lot which later makes a great difference to the world


    Released in 2004, it contains English- and Japanese-language soundtracks along with the original Mandarin dialogue.


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