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Lockie Leonard (TV series)

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Children's Drama

Theme music composer
Ending theme
"Worlds Away"

Final episode date
27 July 2010


Created by
Opening theme
"Worlds Away"

First episode date
19 June 2007

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Sean KeenanRhys MuldoonBriony WilliamsCorey McKernanClarence RyanGracie Gilbert

BBC, Boomerang, Disney XD, Nine Network, BBC Kids, CBBC, Nickelodeon


Blue Water High, Snobs (TV series), Nowhere Boys

Lockie Leonard is an Australian children's television series that was adapted from the Lockie Leonard books by Tim Winton. Filmed in Albany, Western Australia, the series premiere was on the Nine Network on 19 June 2007.


Lockie Leonard (TV series) Program Catalogue

Lockie Leonard was produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia and is distributed by the Australian Children's Television Foundation. The theme song "Worlds Away" is performed by Jebediah.

Lockie Leonard (TV series) Lockie Leonard TV Series 2007 IMDb

Lockie Leonard premiered in the UK on Saturday 27 September 2008, as part of the long running children's Saturday morning programme TMi which airs from 09:00 to 10:30 on BBC Two. It ran for the first 12 episodes then continued to air on CBBC Channel.

Lockie Leonard (TV series) Shows ABC ME

The show won the 2008 TV Week Logie Award for Best Children's Series, and star Sean Keenan (Lockie) was nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent. It won the 2007 AFI award for Best Children's Drama Series. The series was also nominated for the 2007 BAFTA Awards for Best International Children's Drama Series.

Lockie Leonard (TV series) Lockie Leonard ABC TV

Lockie leonard series 1 trailer


Lockie Leonard (TV series) Lockie Leonard Season 2 Part 1

The first TV series was adapted from the Lockie Leonard books, written by multi-award winning West Australian author, Tim Winton. The three books in the series are Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo; Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster; and Lockie Leonard, Legend. All books were distributed by Puffin International.

Series one

The premise of the series is the same as the book series from which it is derived. Lockie Leonard is a surf rat who moves with his family to Angelus, a small coastal town in Western Australia. Lockie has to deal with starting high school in a new town with no friends and a house that is in danger of sinking into a swamp. After nutting himself in the surf on his first day in town, Lockie meets a head banger named Egg, and the two eventually become best friends. After attending his first day at a new school, Lockie manages to fall in love for the first time with Vicki Streeton, the smartest and richest girl in the entire school, whose father also happens to be the mayor of Angelus. The first series is spread over Lockie's first year spent in Angelus with his family.

Series two

The second series follows Lockie Leonard's second year in Angelus, middle of nowhere, where Lockie must cope with new situations. Vicki leaves to go to boarding school, and Lockie makes friends with new girl Mel, to whom he is initially assigned "buddy duty". His best friend Egg decides to make a new best friend in school bully, Curtis, and begins dating Vicki's friend Sasha. Lockie's brother Phillip enters Angelus High a year early owing to his impressive intelligence, and discovers a new friend or two along the way. Meanwhile, poetry-loving Sarge must deal with the new constable at the police station, and Joy decides to get out of the house and set up a new radio station, Radio Angelus.

Series 1

Award for Best Children’s Drama 2007

Award for Best Children’s Television series 2007

Sean Keenan won the Young Actor Award in 2007

TV Week Logie Award for Best Children’s Television series 2008

Series 2

Award nomination Best Children’s Television Drama 2010

Award nomination Lead Actor Corey McKernan 2010

Award nomination Supporting Actor in a Television Drama Rhys Muldoon 2010


  • Sean Keenan as Lachlan 'Lockie' Leonard
  • Clarence Ryan as Geoffrey 'Egg' Eggleston
  • Gracie Gilbert as Victoria Anne 'Vicki' Streeton
  • Briony Williams as Joy Leonard
  • Rhys Muldoon as Sarge Leonard
  • Corey McKernan as Phillip Leonard
  • Ella Maddy as Blob
  • Recurring and guest

  • Melanie Lyons (as Melanie Munt) as Lisa (Series 1)
  • Mike Dorsey as Pop
  • Alice Dale as Nan
  • Jorden Silver as Curtis
  • Tiarna Clarke as Dorothy 'Dot' Cook (Series 1)
  • Trevor Jamieson as Rev. Eggleston
  • Della Rae Morrison as Mrs. Eggleston (Series 1)
  • Richard Mellick as Mayor Barry Streeton
  • Christie Sistrunk as Mrs. Sally Streeton
  • Mitchell Page as Colin 'Monster' Streeton (Series 1)
  • James Beck as Josh Woodpond (Series 2)
  • Laura Fairclough as Melanie 'Mel' Lamb (Series 2)
  • Verity Gorman as Sasha Thompson-Baxter
  • Nicholas Rechichi as Joe Ramir (Series 2)
  • Cameron Findlay as Boof (Series 1)
  • Ewen Leslie as John East (Series 1)
  • Karli-Rae Grogan as Heidi (Series 1)
  • Chanel Marriott as Kirstina (Series 2)
  • Series one

    1. "The Human Torpedo"
    2. "Stormy Mondays"
    3. "Lockie Chickens Out"
    4. "To Cheat or Not to Cheat"
    5. "Cyril"
    6. "A Water Feature"
    7. "Match of the Day"
    8. "The Details"
    9. "Weird Genes"
    10. "Miracles"
    11. "X Marks the Dot"
    12. "Dog Days"
    13. "It's Not You, It's Me"
    14. "Pure Poetry"
    15. "The Ladder of Love"
    16. "Brothers"
    17. "Swamp Rat"
    18. "Face the Fear"
    19. "Lockie Takes the Cake"
    20. "The Clock's Ticking'"
    21. "Zig Zag Hill"
    22. "Angels and Monsters"
    23. "Boredom Busters"
    24. "Barry Goes Pop"
    25. "The Domino Effect"
    26. "Joy... to the World"

    Series two

    1. "New and Improved"
    2. "The X Factor"
    3. "Bubble Trouble"
    4. "Pick a Winner"
    5. "Life Map"
    6. "Total Eclipse"
    7. "The Silence of the Frogs"
    8. "The Information Age"
    9. "Time and Tide"
    10. "It Happens..."
    11. "Snake Hide Oil"
    12. "The Big Questions"
    13. "The Party"
    14. "Enter the Mermaid"
    15. "A Head of the Team"
    16. "Cure for Stings"
    17. "A Musical Moment"
    18. "Laugh with the Leonards"
    19. "Aliens in Angelus"
    20. "Buried Treasure"
    21. "Second Best in Show"
    22. "I, Monster"
    23. "Trixie Wants to Party"
    24. "Not So Perfect Storm"
    25. "Crimes of the Heartless"
    26. "Legend"

    Second series

    The second series of Lockie Leonard was filmed in 2009 and screened in Australia on the Nine Network and WIN in 2010. The cast list remained unchanged, with new and original stories formulated by the show's writers. The new series follows a more mature Lockie's adventures and is once again set in Albany, Western Australia. The episode guide was announced online on 6 December 2009, on the Australian Television website.

    The second series first screened on 17 May 2010 on Nickelodeon New Zealand, and the Nine Network in Australia on 21 August 2010, continuing weekly. In the United States, the series began airing on 21 June 2010 on Disney XD at 9:30am. In Latin America, the series premiered on Wednesday, 2 June 2010 on Boomerang. In the United Kingdom, it began airing Monday 2 August 2010 and continued daily (except on Fridays) on the CBBC channel at 11:30am.

    DVD release

    A DVD box set of the first series of Lockie Leonard was released in Australia in mid-August 2008, and the UK on 19 July 2010, with the second series scheduled for release in Australia on 2 March 2011 by Universal Studios, and later in 2011 by Revelation Films for the UK.


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