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Local highways of South Korea

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Local highways of South Korea

In South Korea, highways that are managed by the provincial governments are called Local highways (Hangul: 지방도; Hanja: 地方道; RR: Jibangdo). Usually route numbers have 2~4 digits; the first digit stands for the main province of its manager.


Route Numbers

  • State-funded local highways: 2 dights
  • Gyeonggi Province: 300s
  • Gangwon Province: 400s
  • North Chungcheong Province: 500s
  • South Chungcheong Province: 600s
  • North Jeolla Province: 700s
  • South Jeolla Province: 800s
  • North Gyeongsang Province: 900s
  • South Gyeongsang Province: 1000s
  • Jeju Special Self-governing Province: 1100s
  • State-funded local highways

    There are some 2-digits local highways, called State-funded local highways (Hangul: 국지도; Hanja: 國地道; RR: Gukjido; short term of Hangul: 국가지원지방도; Hanja: 國家支援地方道; RR: Gukga Jiwon Jibangdo). These highways are basically managed by province level, but its routes are designated and controlled by the South Korean government. Also, most of 2-digits Local highways stand for planned extension route of the same-number national highways or candidates for upgrading to national routes.

    List of the routes

    These are the list of the routes. For the state-funded local highway, See #State-funded local highways.

    Gyeonggi Province (300s)

    Local highways of Gyeonggi Province were changed a lot in 1996 and 2005.

  • (#CCDDCC) is origin or terminus not in Gyeonggi Province.
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