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Lobelia siphilitica

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Campanulaceae
Genus  Lobelia
Higher classification  Lobelias
Order  Asterales
Subfamily  Lobelioideae
Scientific name  Lobelia siphilitica
Rank  Species
Lobelia siphilitica Lobelia siphilitica blue lobelia great lobelia Go Botany
Similar  Lobelias, Lobelia cardinalis, Asclepias incarnata, Eutrochium purpureum, Symphyotrichum novae‑angliae

The great blue lobelia lobelia siphilitica

Lobelia siphilitica, the great blue lobelia or great lobelia, is a plant species within the Campanulaceae family. It is a herbaceous, perennial dicot native to eastern and central Canada and United States. Growing up to three feet tall, it lives in zones 4 to 9 in moist to wet soils. It produces a spike of zygomorphic flowers in the late summer.


Lobelia siphilitica Lobelia siphilitica Wikipedia

It blooms from August to October. It is a short lived perennial (with each plant living for only a few years).

Lobelia siphilitica Blue Cardinal Flower Lobelia siphilitica American Meadows

Although self-compatible, a flower is unable to offer pollen to itself and it must be pollinated by insects (primarily bees in the Bombus genus).

Lobelia siphilitica Blue Cardinal Flower Lobelia siphilitica American Meadows

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Lobelia siphilitica Siphilitica Blue


Lobelia siphilitica Wikipedia

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