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Little Charmers

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Developed by  Carolyn Hay
Narrated by  Snow White Scott
Language  English
6.5/10 IMDb

Directed by  Jason Groh
First episode date  12 January 2015
A poster of Little Charmers  featuring the characters Hazel Charming and Posie.

Created by  Jennifer DodgeIrene Weibel
Starring  Addison HolleyAlexa TorringtonMatilda Gilbert
Opening theme  "Little Charmers Theme Song"
Networks  Nickelodeon, Treehouse TV, YTV, Nick Jr.
Program creators  Jennifer Dodge, Irene Weibel
Genres  Animation, Adventure Film, children's television series, Fantasy, Computer Animation

Similar  Mike the Knight, Kate and Mim Mim, Wishenpoof!


Little charmers cartoon for children education movie

Little Charmers is a Canadian-American CGI interactive children's television series produced by Nelvana Enterprises and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV. The series premiered on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in the United States on January 12. Treehouse TV announced a week later that it was scheduled in Canada on the last day of January; however, episode 2 debuted 6 days after this announcement, and 6 days prior to the scheduled debut.


The Little Charmers characters Lavender, Hazel Charming and Posie holding their animal pets.

Main characters

The Little Charmers characters Lavender, Hazel Charming and Posie holding their wands.

  • Hazel Charming (voiced by Addison Holley) - A young Charmer and Enchantress-in-training who's magic is known for its tendency not to work out well, to the point that her magical mishaps are known as being Hazeled. Sometimes Hazel uses her wand in the Charmhouse. Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a guitar.
  • Lavender (voiced by Alexa Torrington) - A bow-loving and purple-haired Charmer who uses her wand for making potions to help the others. She has won awards for fashion design. Her catchphrase is "Charmazing!" Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a set of drums.
  • Posie (voiced by Matilda Gilbert) - A lighthearted Charmer who uses her wand to play it as the flute. She has two brothers, her big brother is Parsley and her baby brother is Thistle. Lavender lost her memories, she calls her Pookie and Poopsie. Easily excitable and very gentle, Posie is optimistic and peaceful by default. She sees the beauty in everything and can be very sweet with a motherly flair and ability to trust her instincts. She can be easily distracted however, and is very chatty to the point of accidentally being blunt with others or a little rude. Posie does her best to keep everyone encouraged and uplifted. Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a keyboard.
  • Mr. Charming (voiced by Andrew Sabiston)- Hazel's bespectacled wizard father and the owner of a broom store.
  • Mrs. Charming (aka Enchantress or The Enchantress) (voiced by Lisette St. Louis) - Hazel's mother and the most powerful Charmer. In her role as Enchantress, she uses her magic to deal with problems around Charmville.
  • Seven is Hazel's cat.
  • Flare is Lavender's dragon.
  • Treble is Posie's owl.
  • Parsley (voiced by Lucius Hoyos)- Posie's older brother. Although not seen using his powers as often, he is also capable of casting charms and cause mischief. He works at Mr. Charming's broom shop as an assistant and has a slight rivalry with Hazel.
  • Recurring characters

    The Little Charmers characters Posie, Hazel Charming and Lavender sitting outside a garden near a castle.

  • Prince Ferg - a frog prince of the pond. Was originally a normal prince but was turned into a frog, though he reveals that both his father and grandfather had been frog princes as well.
  • Gary the Gnome shows up in several episodes.
  • Mrs. Greensparkle the schoolteacher shows up in several episodes.
  • Olive shows up in several episodes.
  • Willow shows up in several episodes.
  • a green mother dragon returns in 'Dragon Daycare' after being shown in an earlier episode.
  • Nelson the Gnome appear in "Nelson in Charge" to babysit the Charmers.
  • Episodes

    The Little Charmer Posie posing with her wand, pet owl and a green broomstick.

    Most of the episodes are split into 2 stories, except for 8: a Valentine's Day special, an Easter special, four episodes with mostly reused footage recapping previous events with mistake/music/pet/magic theme, a Halloween special and a Christmas special.


    The Little Charmers characters Lavender, Hazel Charming and Posie inside their house reading books with their pets.

    Little Charmers premiered on Nick Jr. in Australia and New Zealand on May 4, 2015, on Nick Jr. Too in the United Kingdom and Ireland on June 22, and on Nick Jr. in Southeast Asia on July 6., 3Kids in the Ireland on June 27, 2016.


    1. Charmers in Training
    2. Hazel Eyes
    3. Junior Brooms
    4. Sparkle Up!


    The Little Charmers character Hazel with her pet cat, wand and broomstick.

    14 different toys based on the series were made. Spin Master made toys including dolls, figurines, plushies and RPGs.

    Additionally bedding is made by Baby Boom Consumer Products, cake decorations by Bakery Crafts Halloween costumes by Rubie's Costume Company, and other products by Scholastic.


    Episodes from season 1 were split into 3 volumes of 10 episodes when marketed in batches on (wrongly called "season" instead of "volume") and iTunes and YouTube.


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