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Mike the Knight

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Theme music composer
David Schweitzer

First episode date
8 September 2011



Created by
Alexander Bar

Original language(s)

Program creator
Alexander Bar

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Voices of
Jake BealeTrek BuccinoErin PittMartin RoachAndrew SabistonAlyson CourtOpening theme tune performed by Richard Oliver

Country of origin
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited States

Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series

Q Pootle 5, Tinga Tinga Tales, Kate and Mim Mim


Mike the Knight is a Canadian/British animated television series created by Alexander Bar and written by Marc Seal. It currently airs on Treehouse TV in Canada, Nick Jr. in the United States, CBeebies & Tiny Pop in the United Kingdom, Discovery Kids in Latin America, ABC Kids in Australia and TV2 in New Zealand.



Mike the Knight Meet Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle

The series is about Mike whose father, the King, is a knight who is away exploring other lands. Looking up to his father, Mike wants to be a knight too. However, he is still a knight-in-training. With his two dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt; his sister, witch-in-training Evie; and his horse, Galahad, Mike tries to be the bravest knight of all. Throughout his adventures, he learns from the mistakes he makes—eventually realising, in every episode, how to 'be a knight—and do it right!'


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  • Mike is a knight-in-training who tries to be a brave knight like his father. He is voiced by Jake Beale, later, Trek Buccino in North America and Benjamin Baker in the United Kingdom.
  • Galahad is Mike's horse.
  • Evie is Mike's younger sister. She is a witch-in-training and likes, whenever she can, to join Mike on his missions. Unfortunately, her magic always goes wrong - to disastrous but hilarious effect. She is voiced by Erin Pitt in North America and Jessica Hann in the United Kingdom.
  • Mr. Cuddles is Evie's pet frog and best friend.
  • Sparkie is a loyal and kind, red fire-breathing dragon who is one of Mike's sidekicks. He is voiced by Martin Roach in North America and Colin McFarlane in the United Kingdom.
  • Squirt is a small, blue water-squirting dragon who is also one of Mike's sidekicks. He is voiced by Andrew Sabiston in North America and Russell Tovey in the United Kingdom.
  • Flutter is Squirt's younger sister. She and their parents became recurring characters in the third season.
  • Queen Martha is Mike and Evie's mother. She is "warm, wise, and caring". Voiced by Alyson Court in North America and Beth Chalmers in the United Kingdom.
  • The King is Martha's husband and the father of Mike and Evie. Absent in the earlier episodes on adventures, he recurs in multiple episodes in the third season.
  • Yip and Yap are corgis that Queen Martha owns. The duo often run into trouble, usually caused by Mike's knightly interests or Evie's magic.
  • Fernando is the resident bard and his witty ditties begin and end each episode on a humorous note. Voiced by Jake Beale, later, Trek Buccino
  • Trollee is a troll who is one of Mike's friends. He can be very shy sometimes, depending on the situation. He is voiced by Samantha Reynolds in the UK version and Nissae Isen in the Canadian.
  • Mr. Troll is Trollee's father.
  • Mrs. Troll is Trollee's mother
  • Richard and his younger brotherPeter are companions.
  • Robin & Marian are young children who sometimes help out.
  • The Great Walforfini is an elderly wizard who sometimes teaches Evie.
  • Mrs. Piecrust is a baker present in the opening who often produces pies and is a damsel that Mike rescues. She is voice by Sarah Carbanoose.
  • Mr. Blacksmith as his name suggests, is the town blacksmith. A red-haired muscular man who in season 3 has a son who makes him a golden belt buckle for Father's Day.
  • Edward is a blonde boy in red armor who in season 3 is a recurring antagonist for Mike, causing trouble in the kingdom.
  • Flynn is Edward's horse
  • Shadow is a bird of prey who accompanies Edward who the flying dragons Squirt and Flutter must try to outmaneuver since Sparkie can't fly.
  • Season 1

    There are at least 52 episodes in season 1.

    Mike the Knight Mike the Knight Mural by Walltastic Wallpaper Direct

  • Episode 1: Great Galahad, Scary Dragons
  • Episode 2: Smiley Treasure, Evie's Birthday
  • Episode 3: Fluttering Favour, Buried Treasure
  • Episode 4: Tricky Trail, Sir Trollee
  • Episode 5: Mission Mess, Trollee in Trouble
  • Episode 6: Scar Noise, Mighty Shield
  • Episode 7: Peace and Quiet, Glendragon News
  • 8-13 TBA
  • Episode 14: Big Swap, Triple Trophy
  • Episode 15: Big Parade, Sparkle's Amazing Thing
  • Episode 16: Knightly Campout, Wild Boar
  • Episode 17: The Rescue, Monster
  • Episode 18: Troll Treat Pie
  • Episode 19: Super Super, New Castle
  • Episode 20: Polka-Dot Horse, Viking Snow Day
  • Episode 21: Greatest Story Ever, Most Medals
  • Episode 22: Busiest Day, Real Dragon
  • Episode 23: Lost Pots, Magic Pot
  • Episode 24: Jewel of Glendragon
  • 25 TBA
  • Episode 26: Flying Corgis
  • 27 TBA
  • Episode 28: Evie's Help, The Bird Training
  • Episode 29: Evie's New Friend, Trollee the Apprentice
  • Episode 30: The Safest Kingdom, The Missing Snowman
  • Episode 31: The Super Trebuchet, King's Play
  • Episode 32 The Fooling Day, Broken Shield
  • Episode 33: The Glendragon Big Picture
  • Episode 34: The Knight For A Day, The Brave Song
  • Episode 35: Evie the Knight, The Knightly Net
  • Episode 36: The Glendragon Fun Run, The Fireless
  • Episode 37: Un-dragon Dogs, The Big Fix
  • Episode 38: The Special Knightly Things
  • Episode 39: Knightly Training Tricks
  • Episode 40: Tour of the Castle
  • Episode 41: The Christmas Castle
  • Episode 42: The Grey Wandorfini
  • Episode 43: Court Jester, Wooden Horse
  • Episode 44: Three Missions, Troll Trail Adventure
  • Episode 45: Snoring Dragon, Super Troll
  • Episode 46: Evie's Magical Mistake
  • Episode 47: Best Lookout
  • 48-50 TBA
  • Episode 51: Hidden Garden Games, Big Book of Tr
  • Episode 52: Triple Trouble, The Bedtime Story
  • Episode 53: “The Great Tug of War, The Super-Fast Sleigh Ride” (also called season 3 episode 1)
  • Episode 54: “The Fire Bird, The King's Banquet” (also called season 3 episode 2)
  • Season 2

    Mike the Knight Nelvanacom Shows Mike the Knight

  • Episode 01: The Night Time Lookout
  • Episode 02: Evies New Friend
  • Episode 03: Super Trebuchet
  • Episode 04: Glendragon Big Band
  • 5 TBA
  • Episode 06: Broken Shield
  • Episode 07: Evies Help
  • Episode 08: Trollee the Apprentice
  • Episode 09: Fooling Day
  • Episode 10: Safest Kingdom
  • 11 to 27 TBA
  • Episode 28: Evie's Help / The Bird training
  • 29 to 39 TBA
  • Episode 40: Tour of the Castle / Gargoyle
  • Episode 41: The Christmas Castle
  • Episode 42 The Great Wandorfini / Mr. Cuddles' Bath
  • Episode 43: Court Jester / Wooden Horse
  • Episode 44: Three Missions/Troll Trail Adventure
  • Episode 45: Snoring Dragon/Super Troll Ball
  • Season 3 (2016-2017)

    Mike the Knight Mike the Knight Wikipedia

  • Episode 1: Mike the Knight and the Great Tug of War December / Mike the Knight and the Super Fast Sleigh Ride 2 January 2017 (also called season 1 episode 53)
  • Episode 2: Mike the Knight and the Fire Bird / Mike the Knight and the King's Banquet 3 January 2017 (also called season 1 episode 54)
  • Episode 3: Mike the Knight and the Great Exploration / Mike the Knight and the Father's Day Gift 4 January 2017
  • Episode 4: Mike the Knight and the Christmas Star 18 December 2016
  • Episode 5: Mike the Knight and the Marvellous Machine / Mike the Knight and Evie's Rescue Spells (advertised Spell) 5 January 2017
  • Episode 6: Mike the Knight and the Stolen Flag / Mike the Knight and Sparkie's Icy Tail 6 January 2017
  • Episode 7: Mike the Knight and the Beast of Glendragon / Mike the Knight and the Viking Alarm 7 January 2017
  • Episode 8: Mike the Knight and the Super Trike / Mike the Knight and the Night-time Flight 8 January 2017
  • Episode 9: Mike the Knight and the Golden Arrow / Mike the Knight and the Triple Loop (aka Twist) 9 January 2017
  • Episode 10: Mike the Knight and the Bad Weather Box / Mike the Knight and the Great Wizard Comet 10 January 2017
  • Episode 11: Mike the Knight and the Magical Wish Tree / Mike the Knight and Evie's Froggy Day 11 January 2017
  • Episode 12: Mike the Knight and Evie & Sir Gargoyle / Evie & the Runaway Scooter 12 January 2017
  • Episode 13: Mike the Knight and Evie & the Missing Queen / Evie & the Magical Challenge 13 January 2017

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    Mike the Knight Wikipedia