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List of geological folds in Great Britain

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This is a list of the named geological folds affecting the rocks of Great Britain and the Isle of Man.



See the main article on folds for a fuller treatment of fold types and nomenclature but in brief, an anticline is an arch-like fold whereas a syncline is its converse; a downfold. Antiforms, anticlinoria, synforms and synclinoria are variations on these. A monocline (or, rarely, a monoform) is a step-like fold, one limb of which is roughly horizontal. Both domes and periclines are anticlines in which the strata fall away about equally in all directions.

There are also a number of 'disturbances' named in parts of the country, notably in South Wales. These linear features are a combination of faults and folds - the relative importance of faulting and folding varying along the length of each disturbance.

Key to table

  • Column 1 indicates the name of the fold. Some variant spellings are recorded between sources.
  • Column 2 indicates the county in which the fold occurs. Some traverse two or more counties of course.
  • Column 3 indicates in which of the constituent countries of Great Britain the fold lies. (Note that the Isle of Man does not form a part of Great Britain but is included here for convenience.)
  • Column 4 indicates on which 1:50,000 or 1" scale geological map sheet published by the British Geological Survey (BGS) the fold is shown and named (either on map/s or cross-section/s or both). 'E&W' signifies the series of sheets published to cover England and Wales. A handful of maps at other scales are also listed where they depict the feature concerned.
  • Column 5 indicates a selection of publications in which references to the fold may be found. See references section for full details of publication.
  • List of Disturbances

    The following named features comprise both faulting and folding;


    List of geological folds in Great Britain Wikipedia

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