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Country  China
Area  3,009 km2

Province  Jilin
Population  184,901 (2000)
Linjiang Beautiful Landscapes of Linjiang

Map of Linjiang

Linjiang (simplified Chinese: 临江; traditional Chinese: 臨江; pinyin: Línjiāng; listed as Linkiang on old maps) is a county-level city in southern Jilin province, People's Republic of China, located to the east of Tonghua, and not far from the border with North Korea. It is a county-level city under the administration of Baishan. The city briefly served as capital of Manchukuo in August 1945.



Linjiang has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate (Köppen Dwa), with long, very cold winters, and very warm, humid summers. Monthly average temperatures range from −15.6 °C (3.9 °F) in January to 22.4 °C (72.3 °F) in July, and the annual mean is 5.30 °C (41.5 °F). Though the annual total is generous, precipitation is quite low during the winter and rainfall is concentrated in the months of June through August. Sunshine is generous but falling far short of the central and western parts of Jilin; with monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 42% in July to 60% in February, there are 2,232 hours of bright sunshine annually.

Administrative divisions

There are six subdistricts, six towns and one townships under the city's administration:


  • Jianguo Subdistrict (建国街道), Xinshi Subdistrict (新市街道), Xinglong Subdistrict (兴隆街道), Dahu Subdistrict (大湖街道), Sengong Subdistrict (森工街道), Dalizi Subdistrict (大栗子街道)
  • Towns:

  • Huashu (桦树镇), Liudaogou (六道沟镇), Weishahe (苇沙河镇), Huashan (花山镇), Naozhi (闹枝镇), Sidaogou (四道沟镇)
  • The only township is Mayihe Township (蚂蚁河乡)


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