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Line of Duty

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8.7/10 TV

Written by  Jed Mercurio
Networks  BBC, BBC Two, BBC One
8.4/10 IMDb

Created by  Jed Mercurio
Theme music composer  Carly Paradis
Writers  Jed Mercurio
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Genre  British police dramacrimeDetective fictionthriller
Directed by  David CaffreyDouglas MackinnonDaniel NettheimMichael KeillorJohn Strickland
Starring  Martin CompstonVicky McClureAdrian DunbarCraig ParkinsonKeeley HawesNeil Morrisey
Nominations  British Academy Television Award for Best drama Series
Cast  Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Keeley Hawes, Adrian Dunbar, Craig Parkinson

Similar  Peaky Blinders (TV series), Shetland (TV series), Broadchurch


Line of duty series 2 trailer bbc two

Line of Duty is a British police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio that premiered on 26 June 2012. It is the most popular drama series Broadcast on BBC Two in the multichannel era and is a winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama Series. Line of Duty was included in a list of the Top 50 BBC Two shows of all-time, in a list of the 80 best BBC shows of all time and was the highest ranked current series in a list of the best cop shows of all time.


The first series was BBC Two's best-performing drama series in 10 years, with a consolidated audience of 4.1 million viewers. The drama was recommissioned for a second series and the first episode was broadcast on 12 February 2014. The second series achieved widespread public and critical acclaim, and on 8 April 2014, the BBC commissioned two more series.

In an interview on 28 April 2016, creator Jed Mercurio said that a fourth series would begin filming in the autumn and that "it will be delivered for 2017". This series will start broadcast on BBC One on 26 March 2017.

In the United States, the first series was aired on Hulu in August 2012 as an exclusive series.

Line of duty series 3 trailer bbc two

Main cast and characters

  • Lennie James as Detective Chief Inspector Anthony "Tony" Gates
  • Series 1As the head of the serious crime unit TO-20, Tony Gates is renowned for returning the best crime figures of any unit in Birmingham's fictitious police force. It is this reputation, however, that leads AC-12 to his team. Suspected of corruption, Gates faces an internal affairs investigation that adds further complications to his troubled home-life.
  • Keeley Hawes as Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton
  • Series 2, 3Denton finds herself at the centre of an AC-12 investigation following an ambush of a convoy that resulted in the deaths of several police officers. As the sole survivor, Denton is arrested and charged shortly thereafter. During series 2, Denton attempts to convince AC-12 of her innocence and regain her reputation. In series 3, Denton is granted an appeal trial, and is acquitted on the basis of an improper sexual relationship with Arnott. After refusing to accept a bribe, she is murdered by "The Caddy", DI Matthew Cottan. Prior to her death, Lindsay discovered crucial evidence pertaining to the Danny Waldron murder investigation and historic child sex abuse.
  • Daniel Mays as Sergeant Daniel Waldron
  • Series 3Danny is an armed police officer who is investigated by AC-12 as a matter of routine following an on-the-job shooting. When Arnott and Fleming discover the shooting may not have been necessary, however, a deeper investigation is required. Danny is shot and killed during series 3, with his death leading to the capture of "The Caddy," as well as the opening of an investigation into historic child sex abuse.
  • Thandie Newton as Detective Chief Inspector Roz Huntley
  • Series 4Following in the footsteps of Gates, Denton, and Waldron, Huntley finds herself at the centre of an AC-12 investigation following a mishap during a career defining investigation.

    AC-12 personnel

  • Martin Compston as Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott
  • Series 1, 2, 3, 4Arnott is a Detective Sergeant assigned to AC-12, one of twelve anti-corruption units that operate within the West Midlands Police Force. Steve Arnott first appeared as an anti-terrorism officer who refused to collude with his fellow colleagues following the shooting death of an innocent man. During series three, Arnott is accused of being a gangland informant known as The Caddy, framed for the murder of DI Lindsay Denton, and is later arrested. He is cleared of all charges.
  • Vicky McClure as Detective Sergeant Kate Fleming
  • Series 1, 2, 3, 4Fleming is originally a Detective Constable and an undercover specialist. A consummate professional, Kate is willing to investigate officers both within, and outside of, AC-12. In series two, Kate begins investigating DI Lindsay Denton. She is promoted to Sergeant at the end of series three. Kate has children, though her ex-husband retains custody.
  • Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings
  • Series 1, 2, 3, 4Hastings, a police Superintendent, is the Senior Investigating Officer of AC-12. He personally recruited Arnott, Fleming, and Cottan, and has a black-and-white view of the law. In series three, it is revealed that Hastings is a Mason, which causes both Arnott and Fleming to doubt his commitment to AC-12.


    Series one and two were created and written by Jed Mercurio and produced by World Productions, on behalf of BBC Two. David Caffrey and Douglas Mackinnon directed series one. Mackinnon was retained as Director for series two's first three episodes, whilst Daniel Nettheim directed series two's last three episodes. Mercurio produced series one and acted as executive producer for series two, with Peter Norris taking over as producer for series two.


    The police refused to co-operate with the programme's producers. Consequently, the production team was advised both by retired police officers and anonymously by serving officers; production also made use of anonymous police blogs.


    Series one was filmed in Birmingham (including pub interiors in the Queens Arms) and series two and three in Belfast by BBC Northern Ireland, per the end credits, though the city is not identified in the script in either series – set dressings and props indicate that the unnamed city is Birmingham (maps of Birmingham appear on walls, and telephone numbers use an 0121 area code). A photo gallery of exterior scenes from series two shows the 4th Street Station on Ormeau Avenue in Belfast.

    Censure by Ofcom

    Following the complaint of one viewer, the media regulator Ofcom found the BBC guilty of a "serious lapse" in its duty of care for a 13-year-old actor, Gregory Piper, who had appeared in scenes which were "of a particularly violent nature and included sexually explicit language" by breaching broadcasting rules requiring that "due care must be taken over the physical and emotional welfare and the dignity of people under 18". In its full report, Ofcom cited the programme's failure to involve an independent expert, such as a child psychiatrist, to determine the actor's intellectual and emotional capacity to participate in the controversial scenes; however, the regulator found that there was no actual harm, distress or anxiety caused to the child actor.

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