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Limbaugh family

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The Limbaugh family is a prominent family from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Its members have served prominently as attorneys, judges and political commentators both in the Missouri area and on a national scale.

George Frederick Limbaugh, the first Limbaugh family member in America, was born in Germany circa 1737 to Johannes Michael Limbach and Marie Listerer and arrived at Berks County, Pennsylvania as a child in 1753 and settled in Missouri Territory in 1800 with his youngest son Michael and 19 other families. In 1758, George married Anna Catharine Ritter and had six sons: Johannes Limbaugh, George Frederick Limbaugh II, Peter Limbaugh, Henry Limbaugh, Christian Limbaugh, and Michael Limbaugh.

First generation:

  • Jefferson W. Limbaugh, Jr. (1852–1905), judge and attorney from Jackson, Missouri, who was one of the first mayors of Jackson and was a member of the bar for more than 25 years. He was the son of Jefferson Limbaugh (1826–1852) who in 1849 began the Southern Democrat newspaper in Jackson.
  • Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Sr. (1891–1996), American jurist, legislator and ambassador; state legislator 1931–1932; Missouri Counsel for the War Emergency Pipelines, 1942–1946; President of the Missouri Bar, 1955–1956; President of the State Historical Society of Missouri, 1956–1959; chairman of the Cape Girardeau Republican Committee, 1928–1938
  • Jefferson W. Limbaugh, Jr. and Rush Limbaugh, Sr. were both grandsons of North Carolina-born Daniel R. Limbaugh (1802–1870) with Jefferson being descended from Daniel's first wife Hanna and Rush being descended from his second wife Delilah.
  • Second generation:

  • Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr. (1918–1990), attorney and orator
  • Manley O. Limbaugh (b. 1921), retired educator from Chester, Illinois. He was named after Manley Ottmer Hudson, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Sr.'s favorite law professor.
  • Stephen Nathaniel Limbaugh, Sr., (b. 1927), a retired United States District Court judge. He also served as Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney, 1955–1958.
  • Venieda Limbaugh Reynolds, (1928–2013), niece of Rush Limbaugh, Sr., president of the Cape County Republican Women's Club. She was married to Bill J. Reynolds (1929–2007), Cape Girardeau County treasurer, 1980–2005.
  • Third generation: Sons of Rush Limbaugh, Jr.:

  • Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (b. 1951), American political commentator and host of The Rush Limbaugh Show.
  • David Limbaugh (b. 1952), American political commentator and author.
  • Sons of Stephen Sr.:

  • Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr., (b. 1952), current United States District Court judge and former justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri. He also served as Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney, 1979–1982.
  • James P. Limbaugh, banker and hospital executive selected to Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents by Governor Matt Blunt.
  • Fourth generation:

  • Stephen N. Limbaugh III, son of Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr., piano player and composer.
  • Christopher K. Limbaugh, son of Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr., appointed Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney by Governor Jay Nixon His father and grandfather also served as Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Leah Nanney Calahan, granddaughter of Manley O. Limbaugh, works for the highest Court of Appeals for the U.S. Air Force.
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