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Lieutenant general (Bangladesh)

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Country  Bangladesh
Abbreviation  Lieutenant General
NATO rank  OF-8
Service branch  Bangladesh Army
Rank  Three-star
Non-NATO rank  O-9
Lieutenant general (Bangladesh)

Lieutenant general (abbreviated LT. GEN.) is a senior rank in the Bangladesh Army. It is the second-highest active rank of the Bangladesh Army and was created as a direct equivalent of the British military rank of lieutenant general. It is also considered a 3 star rank.


Lieutenant general is a higher rank than major general, but lower than general. Lieutenant general is the equivalent of vice admiral in the Bangladesh Navy and air marshal in the Bangladesh Air Force.


The insignia for the rank of lieutenant general is the shapla (water lily) taken from the Bangladesh coat of arms, above a crossed sword and baton. Generals wear three-star insignia, in addition to their standard insignia.

Current Bangladeshi lieutenant generals

The currently designated posts for lieutenant generals are the positions of Chief of General Staff, Quartermaster General, Principle Staff Officer, GOC of ARTDOC and Commandant of the National Defence College.


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