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Les Brigades du Tigre

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Director  Jerome Cornuau
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, Crime
Country  France
Les Brigades du Tigre movie poster
Release date  12 April 2006 (2006-04-12)
Writer  Claude Desailly (tv series "Les Brigades du Tigre"), Xavier Dorison, John Kaylin (screenplay), Fabien Nury
Initial release  April 12, 2006 (Switzerland)
Initial DVD release  November 16, 2006 (Croatia)
Music director  Claude Bolling, Olivier Florio
Cast  Clovis Cornillac (Paul Valentin), Diane Kruger (Constance Radetsky), Édouard Baer (Inspector Pujol), Olivier Gourmet (Marcel "La Colosse" Terrasson), Thierry Frémont (Piotr), Jacques Gamblin (Jules Bonnot)
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Tagline  Paris. 1912. If you thought it was "La Belle Epoque"....Think again.

Les Brigades du Tigre is a 2006 French crime film. Based on a very successful 1970s-'80s French television series of the same name the film depicts an Untouchables-type crack "Flying Squad" once formed by Georges Clemenceau to tackle rampant crime in 1912 Paris. The squads became known to the public as "Tiger Brigades", after Clemenceau's nickname "Le Tigre", and were among the first police units to be equipped with automobiles and seriously instructed in French boxing.


Les Brigades du Tigre movie scenes

Gathering a talented pan-European cast, the film is set in a very rich and interesting Belle Époque, it deals with a lot of real historical plots and characters like the scandal of the Russian Loan, the Triple Entente, the birth of modern profiling and crime-fighting police techniques, the rivalry between the PP (Parisian Prefecture [Police Units]) and the Brigades of Clemenceau, the birth of Socialism and famous Anarchist Movements.

Les Brigades du Tigre movie scenes

Les brigades du tigre la main noire episode 6


Les Brigades du Tigre httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenaa4Bri

Valentin and his squad of Mobilards are assigned to track down the infamous Bonnot Gang.


Les Brigades du Tigre Les Brigades du Tigre the serie
  • Clovis Cornillac as Commissaire Valentin
  • Diane Kruger as Constance Bolkonsky
  • Édouard Baer as Inspecteur Pujol
  • Olivier Gourmet as Inspecteur Marcel Terrasson
  • Stefano Accorsi as Achille Bianchi
  • Jacques Gamblin as Jules Bonnot
  • Thierry Frémont as Piotr
  • Léa Drucker as Léa
  • Aleksandr Medvedev as Prince Bolkonsky
  • Gérard Jugnot as Claude Faivre
  • Agnès Soral as Mademoiselle Amélie
  • Éric Prat as Alphonse Bertillon
  • Didier Flamand as Louis Lépine
  • Philippe Duquesne as Casimir Cagne
  • Frédéric Bouraly as Caby
  • Mathias Mlekuz as Célestin Hennion
  • Nicholas Calderbank as Hollingworth
  • Roland Cope as Raymond Poincaré
  • TV serial

    Les Brigades du Tigre Les Brigades du Tigre 2006 uniFrance Films

    Les Brigades du Tigre is also the name of a French TV serial, produced between 1974 and 1983.

    Les Brigades du Tigre LES BRIGADES DU TIGRE Visite incognito pisode 4 YouTube
    Les Brigades du Tigre Les brigades du Tigre de Jrme Cornuau 2006 synopsis casting

    Les Brigades du Tigre Les Brigades du Tigre film 2005 AlloCin


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