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Leonard Kniaseff

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Listing  Active volcano
Country  Philippines
Municipalities  Mabini Maco
Elevation  1,190 m
Location  Mindanao
Region  Davao Region
Mountain type  Stratovolcano
Province  Compostela Valley
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Similar  Mount Balatukan, Mount Makaturing, Didicas Volcano, Mount Ragang, Cagua Volcano

Leonard Kniazeff is a stratovolcano between the municipalities of Mabini and Maco in Compostela Valley province, island of Mindanao, Philippines.


Map of Leonard Kniaseff, Compostela Valley, Philippines

It has a 203-kilometre (126 mi) diameter caldera lake called Lake Leonard. Amacan Thermal Area is located 5 cadastral km SSW of Lake Leonard.

Leonard Kniazeff is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines, part of the Pacific ring of fire.


The Leonard Kniazeff (North Davao) area has been the object of a geothermal exploration program.

Manat thermal area is north of Lake Leonard, solfataras occur around its SW rim, and active solfataras, fumaroles, and hot springs are found in the Amacan-Gopod thermal area south of the lake.

There was a scare in 1995 but PHIVOLCS investigation at the time did not disclose any unusual activity, and no unusual activity has been reported since.

Its last eruption was dated as c.120 AD.


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