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Legacy (2012 TV series)

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Created by
Dode Cruz

First episode date
16 January 2012

Program creator
Dode Cruz


Developed by
Denoy Navarro-Punio

Final episode date
1 June 2012

Number of episodes

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Written by
Des Garbes-SeverinoMarlon MiguelOnay Sales

Directed by
Jay AltarejosAndoy Ranay

Creative director(s)
Jun LanaJake TordesillasSuzette Doctolero

Heart EvangelistaLovi PoeSid LuceroGeoff EigenmannAlessandra de RossiMike Tan

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Legacy is Filipino Drama series created by Dode Cruz, written by Denoy Navarro-Punio, under the directions of Jay Altarejos (an alternative name for director Joselito Altarejos) and Andoy Ranay, and produced and aired by GMA Network. The series premiered on January 16, 2012, replacing the epic series Amaya on GMA Telebabad block and January 18, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.


The series features a star-studded cast headed by actresses Heart Evangelista, Lovi Poe and Alessandra de Rossi as the major characters of the story. With them are Sid Lucero, Geoff Eigenmann and Mike Tan as the leading men.

This series is set mostly on the fictional beauty company called Legacy Corporation where the three main characters (the Alcantara sisters) are vying to be the sole heiress of the said company. Also big part of the series are veteran actors Eddie Garcia who plays the role of Don Romualdo Alcantara, the patriarch, founder and president of the Legacy Corporation; and Cherie Gil as the main antagonist.

The series concluded on June 1, 2012. It ran for 20 weeks, with 98 episodes all in all. It replaced by Makapiling Kang Muli on its timeslot. Starting August 7, 2014 GMA Life TV airs its English-dubbed version worldwide.

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Television Series: Legacy 2012 GMA TV series Final Episode | Produced by  GMA Network

The story started when the sole heir of Legacy Corporation, Cesar Alcantara falls in love with a lowly factory worker named Isabel Calcetas. Don Romualdo Alcantara, Cesar’s strict and domineering father resents his son’s relationship with Isabel and instead forces him to marry Eva, a daughter of a bank magnate who lends them money in order to save Legacy Corporation from bankruptcy. But Cesar is madly, deeply in love with Isabel—the one and only girl whom he gets serious with and he is ready to fight for their love. But things change when Eva tells him that she is pregnant with his child. But in reality, Eva is just pretending, as she is not able to bear a child because of her ovarian problem. Cesar once had a baby named Bernadette, to his former fling Anna Marie, a bold actress. But the senior Alcantara refuses to acknowledge the baby because he was not convinced that Cesar is the father of the child and because of Anna Marie’s bad reputation. One fateful day, when Eva tries to confront Isabel, a riot takes place that eventually putting the rallying employees, including Isabel, behind bars. Isabel believes that Cesar will help him out of the jail. And as expected, the case was pulled out and she was released. Isabel gladly goes to Cesar to thank him, but to her surprise, Cesar asks her to leave the company and end their relationship. Shock and devastated, Isabel collapsed. Lucio, Isabel’s friend and avid suitor, brings her to a clinic. News of pregnancy was announced by the doctor, which further aggravates Isabel. She goes to Cesar to tell her condition, but Eva doesn’t allow her to see Cesar and drives her away. Lucio voluntarily asks Isabel to marry him to save her reputation and to give the baby a name. Isabel agrees. Months later, Eva’s fake pregnancy plan succeeds. She adopts a baby and named her Natasha. Meanwhile, Isabel also bares a beautiful baby girl and names her Diana. Years later... The present Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Corporation, Cesar Alcantara was murdered by an unknown killer. This tragedy also marks Diana and Bernadette’s fight for the legal rights to their father’s name and wealth. Don Romualdo, once again, refuses to acknowledge Bernadette and Diana, but eventually gives them the opportunity to prove themselves. They must undergo DNA test to prove that they are true-blooded Alcantara. Three siblings. All beautiful, smart and ambitious... battling over love, power and wealth, who will emerge to be the sole heiress of Legacy Corporation?

Main Cast

  • Diana Calcetas - Portrayed by Heart Evangelista and Isabel Nesreen Frial as the younger version; The love child of Cesar Alcantara and Isabel Calcetas. Grew up under the care of her mother, Diana has always longed for a fatherly love—one thing that her evil stepfather Lucio can't give. Kind-hearted but tough. Street-smart and ambitious. She strives hard to fulfill her dreams and elevate herself from poverty.
  • Natasha Alcantara - Portrayed by Lovi Poe; One and only daughter of Cesar Alcantara to his legal wife, Eva Alcantara. Pampered by the love of her father and grandfather, Natasha is a perfect example of a spoiled brat. But little did she know (and Cesar and Romualdo as well), she is just an adopted child.
  • Iñigo Salcedo - Portrayed by Sid Lucero; Wealthy, handsome and intelligent, Iñigo is a certified "dream boy" for every girls. But he has no time for an intimate relationship. Not because he doesn't like girls, but because his focus is on his goal—to exact revenge on the person that made his and his family's lives miserable. But will soon end up falling to Diana.
  • Joshua "Josh" Castillo - Portrayed by Geoff Eigenmann; A young businessman. An eligible bachelor. A major playboy. He fell in love with Natasha Alcantara. But their not-so-smooth love affair will become totally "rocky" when Diana Calcetas enters the picture. Who will he choose between the two stepsisters... the bratty Natasha or the sweet but tough Diana?
  • Bernadette Leviste - Portrayed by Alessandra de Rossi; The love child of Cesar Alcantara to Anna Marie Leviste, a former "bold star". Scheming and ambitious like her mother, Bernadette vows to get what is rightfully hers... or even more.
  • Arturo "Third" San Jose III - Portrayed by Mike Tan; The grandson of one of the executives of Legacy Corporation and a marketing head of the said company. Handsome, smart, ambitious and a certified hunk. Third will use his charm to make Natasha Alcantara fall for him. Not because he loves her, but because he wants to use the heiress to elevate his position to the company.
  • Supporting Cast

  • Don Romualdo Alcantara - Portrayed by Eddie Garcia; The founder and the President of Legacy Corporation, the leading and unbeatable beauty company in the country and the manufacturer of Tala Beauty Products (Tala is the Tagalog word for star). After the death of his son, the patriarch decides to accept Cesar's two illegitimate daughters, Diana and Bernadette. Now, he is on his quest of finding out who, in his three beautiful granddaughters, is the rightful one to inherit his beloved corporation. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack when he found out the truth about Natasha's real identity.
  • Eva Altamirano-Alcantara - Portrayed by Cherie Gil and Chynna Ortaleza as the younger version; The scheming and paranoid wife of Cesar Alcantara. She holds the key to Natasha's real identity. She's never been a good mother to Natasha. Instead, she sees her as a rival to Cesar's love and attention.
  • Isabel Calcetas-Aragon - Portrayed by Jackie Lou Blanco and Bianca King as the younger version; The mistress and the true love of Cesar Alcantara and a loving mother to Diana.
  • Sofia Altamirano - Portrayed by Liza Lorena and Sue Prado as the younger version; The conniving mother of Eva Alcantara. She also holds the key to Natasha's real identity and vows to protect this secret... again, for the love of money.
  • Anna Marie Leviste - Portrayed by Maritoni Fernandez; A former "bold star". A social climber. A gold digger. A supportive mother to Bernadette. Anna Marie will fight tooth and nail for her daughter's rights for the Alcantara's wealth.
  • Chloe Martin - Portrayed by Solenn Heussaff; A half French-half Filipina super model and the face of Lala Soap, the competitor product of Tala Soap (of Legacy Corporation). She is the ex-girlfriend of Iñigo Salcedo that will do anything and everything just to win the heart of the ex-flame again.
  • Ciara Estuar - Portrayed by Sam Pinto; The reigning Tala Beauty and the new endorser of Tala Beauty Products. Beautiful. Sexy. Ambitious. But just like the popular phrase goes... "Nobody's perfect", Ciara is a beauty without brain.
  • Candy - Portrayed by Chariz Solomon; Natasha Alcantara's personal secretary that will soon discover the shocking truth about her boss's real identity.
  • Eboy - Portrayed by Mark Bautista; Diana Calcetas' childhood friend and confidante. He is secretly in love with Diana but hesitant to show his true feelings to her.
  • Juliet - Portrayed by Ryza Cenon; The ambitious best friend of Diana Calcetas.
  • Special Participation

  • Cesar Alcantara - Portrayed by Robert Seña & Dennis Trillo as the younger version; The one and only son of Don Romualdo Alcantara and the Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Corporation. A major womanizer. But his heart captured by only one woman—Isabel Calcetas. He has three daughters, all from different mothers, Diana (to Isabel), Natasha (to Eva) and Bernadette (to Anna Marie). Murdered by an unknown killer, his untimely death marks the fight between his three lovely daughters... fight over love, wealth, power and his legacy.Before he died, he knew the real identity of Natasha.
  • Lala Salcedo - Portrayed by Maria Isabel Lopez; Iñigo Salcedo's mother. Tough and deceitful. Together with her son, they will plot revenge on Don Romualdo Alcantara, the man that made their lives miserable.
  • Extended Cast

  • Bon Vibar as Arturo San Jose, Sr.
  • Richard Quan as Lucio Aragon
  • Dominic Roco as young Lucio
  • Lloyd Samartino as Rowell
  • Benedict Campos as young Rowell
  • Arthur Solinap as Quintin
  • Bodie Cruz as Franco
  • Gladys Reyes as Marie
  • Carla Abellana as herself
  • Carlo Gonzales as Gary
  • Daisy Reyes as Maridess
  • Gian Magdangal as himself
  • Jona, Aicelle Santos and Maricris Garcia as themselves
  • Shamaine Centenera as Lydia Dimacuycoy
  • Tom Olivar as Rogelio Mariano
  • Tim Yap as Justin
  • Victor Aliwalas as Von
  • Audience and Critical Reception

  • According to AGB Nielsen Philippines, both in Mega Manila People and Household Ratings, Legacy debuted at 11.8% against 12.5% of the rival show in ABS-CBN. However, on its second week, the show gathered positive feedback coming from the critics and viewers, Legacy started to reign the ratings game versus its rival show.
  • The show gathered positive feedbacks from critics for its visual style and effective acting of its star-studded cast.
  • Eddison Miranda of Rogue Magazine Philippines, stated... "I love how the villains play an effective role but having to blend with a comedic outcome". Miranda also praised both the performance of Maritoni Fernandez and Cherie Gil.
  • The show is voted as "Best Soap Opera of 2012" by University of Mindanao.
  • The show was nominated as Outstanding Original Drama Series by Golden Screen TV Awards. Lovi Poe & Alessandra De Rossi were then nominated in the Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series category.
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